Nov 132011
Eagles WR DeSean Jackson

Eagles WR DeSean Jackson (photo: Wigstruck)

DeSean Jackson is not having the ideal contract-year season.  He’s disappeared for huge stretches.  He’s not making big plays.  He’s had key drops.  He looks tentative, sometimes even like he’s just trying to avoid that big hit.

Well, he won’t have to worry being concussed today as he’s not playing.

The Eagles have benched their mercurial star for today’s game against the Arizona Cardinals due to DeSean being late to a meeting on Saturday.  Per Philly Sports Daily, Jackson slept through his alarm and showed up right as the meeting ended.  Head coach Andy Reid was understandably angry.  Especially damning is that Reid didn’t even bother to tell DeSean himself, leaving that duty to the wide receivers coach.

While DeSean blowing off a meeting is certainly unacceptable, a full game benching seems a bit extreme at first glance.  However, this is apparently far from the first time this has happened, with DeSean regularly having tardiness issues.

With DeSean’s diva-esque personality this isn’t really surprising.  And it’s pretty clear now why he doesn’t have that long term deal he craves.  It’s also probably not an accident that rumors leaked of contract extension discussions with LeSean McCoy.  Shady is turning into one of the best players in the NFL through incredible talent and hard work, while DeSean is turtling up.

With the emergence of Jeremy Maclin as a legit number one receiver, DeSean is on tenuous ground.  If he doesn’t immediately start turning things around both on and off the field, not only will he likely become a former Eagle, he’ll never see the big dollars his ego is dreaming of.

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