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July 31 Philadelphia Inquirer

 “DeSean Jackson is not talking, so Andy Reid spoke for his wide receiver.

“I think he just wants to concentrate on football,” Reid said Friday after the full team practiced together for the first time at training camp. “He doesn’t want to be disrupted by any, I guess, questions on contracts or anything else. He’s focused in and he’s in a good place.”

A day after dodging reporters upon his arrival at Lehigh, Jackson jogged off the field with his head down, football in hand. Asked to stop and talk, the speedy receiver replied, “No, sir, not today.”

Jackson is, for the most part, a willing interviewee, so his two-day silence is of note. It could be that he has tired of talking about his contract situation. It is one that apparently isn’t changing. However, he opened a can of worms in January when he said he wanted a new deal.

He has since tempered those comments and his attendance at camp suggests that he isn’t unhappy enough to stay home. He did miss the last week of June workouts without explanation.

Because he and cornerback Asante Samuel also missed their conditioning tests that week, they had to show up at camp early Thursday morning and complete sprints.”

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