Oct 032011
eagles head coach Andy Reid

After Sunday's chokejob loss to the 49ers, Andy Reid is on the hot seat

Here’s a rundown of some recent/active PSC Eagles message board threads, including the first post.  With the Eagles horrible choke job against the 49ers on Sunday, things aren’t pretty.  Click the title to check out each one…

Trent Cole out at least two weeks (strained calf)

per ESPN. Wheel coming off.

It’s the beginning of the end for Reid

One thing you could definitely say about Reid early on in his tenure was that the team would tighten up and play a lot better after losses.  Now, there’s way too many missed tackles and poor execution ( which he did a good job of correcting before ) and it’s spilling over into his other flawed areas of gameday coaching amd personnel philosphy.  The mistakes are overweighing the positives now and it’s time for a change. 

Ronnie Brown

W T F was he doing? He just said it was a pass/run option and once he got tackled all he thought was to throw the ball so the team didn’t lose yards for the 4th down play. Enough with the gimmick play shit, it’s getting old. It’s not tricky when you do it 5 times a game, Andy.

Andy Reid

I think i’m at the point where i finally want him gone. Him and his entire staff. Marty, Castillo – all of them. Except maybe Washburn. Keep that old bastard around.

Fire his fat ass NOW!!!

It’s been time for years. First thing Monday, Andy Reid should be canned.  This is on him, as he likes to say. He sucks. This team is a disgrace. DOn’t even give him a chance to make his late season run and sneak into the playoffs, saving his job again.

46 pass attempts/12 rush attempts

Not including the 8 times Vick ran for his life….  9 carries by our best player.  Brilliance.

I just don’t care anymore.

I used to be in a bad mood all week when the Eagles lost but I could really care less. Maybe it’s because I’m older or maybe the run the Phillies have had takes my mind off of it but I feel nothing. I do think this is a really hard team to like. Vick is a bad guy, Reid’s act is tired and ownership excels in finding every way possible to take the fans money. And arrogance without winning anything is hard to take. It’s sad.

Most Egregious Error by Andy, Howie and Joe

There are legitimately 6 areas for which any one could cost them games and ultimately the season.

Is it possible Reid quits or is fired before the season ends?

If they’re sitting at like 3-7, I can see it. Anyone know if Jon Gruden has an out clause in in his MNF contract?

I believe the Eagles should hire a defensive coordinator to be defensive coordinator

But I can’t believe that I even have to say that.

Mikey Miss grilling Andy about run/pass

Andy unhappy.  

PS. Vick effin sucks

Period. He’s a cry baby dog killing shit bag. He’s fucking retarded too

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