Eagles’ Hobbs has hip flexor strain

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Nov 042010
Eagles CB Ellis Hobbs

Eagles CB Ellis Hobbs

November 4 Philadelphia Daily News:

“As usual, the tape didn’t lie.

Lots of people who rewound the fourth-quarter disaster that became a 37-19 Eagles loss at Tennessee on Oct. 24 came away convinced something was wrong with cornerback Ellis Hobbs, the man primarily responsible for Titans wideout Kenny Britt catching four fourth-quarter passes for 159 yards and a pair of touchdowns.

On Monday, Dimitri Patterson told reporters he was going to start at right corner Sunday against Indianapolis. The Eagles said then that Hobbs had been sent for medical tests, but they didn’t acknowledge any linkage with the Titans game until yesterday, when Andy Reid disclosed that Hobbs has a hip flexor strain that “was bothering him during the game there.”

“You’re dealing with a very tough individual,” the Eagles coach said. “He’s very quiet and doesn’t say much. As you go back and look at the tape, you can see where it was affecting him. He’s a tough nut, and a very good football player. We want to make sure that he gets back and gets ready.”

We still don’t know when Hobbs was hurt – he indicated yesterday this was something he’d had before Tennessee that got worse – or exactly how and when the Eagles discovered the injury. Reid said Hobbship “became very tight after he was sitting around.” Reid got testy when pressed on when he found out. Those questions were asked because the coach didn’t mention a Hobbs injury after the game or the next day, when he addressed reporters for the last time before the bye.

“I found out after the game,” Reid said yesterday. “Is there a problem here with this? Listen now, listen closely. I said that as time went on after the game – I’m not sure [the exact time]. Is there something that I don’t know here? After the game it tightened up, and then progressively got worse as it went on.”

Hobbs said, though, Reid detected the injury by watching the game tape and first spoke with Hobbs about it 3 days ago, when players returned from the bye. Hobbs, who spoke at length to reporters yesterday for the first time since the postgame locker room in Nashville, said Reid “made it known to me that he knew something was up.” He said he and the coach “had a heart-to-heart, man-to-man talk” when the players returned from the bye.

Hobbs said he appreciated Reid coming to him.”

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