Jul 072010

by Justin Adkinstroy smith ravens

Howard Eskin reported today via Twitter that the Eagles are interested in Ravens QB Troy Smith, possibly as a replacement for admitted dog torturer Michael Vick.

Smith has been asking for a trade out of Baltimore since Joe Flacco was drafted in the 1st round, and since then has become even further buried on the depth chart with the Ravens signing of Marc Bulger.

And when it comes to passing skills, Smith would be a definite upgrade.  The former Heisman trophy winner from Ohio State does not have a cannon arm, but he is much more accurate, and has the benefit of not being a convicted felon and has never exhibited deviant subhuman behavior like Vick. 

Lastly, considering Eskin’s longstanding snuggly relationship with the Eagles and especially head coach Andy Reid, Eskin’s follow up tweet, “Say goodbye to Vick”, speaks volumes.  If a team puppet and mouthpiece like Eskin is willing to contradict with smoke the recent reports coming from the team, there must be a fire somewhere in the NovaCare complex.

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