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July 31 Philadelphia Inquirer

“It’s “go time,” as Kevin Kolb said.

The first real day of training camp kicks off Saturday at 8:15 a.m. with the full team, in pads, in . . .. Well, we’ll just let the Eagles‘ new quarterback explain:

“It’s exciting, because we haven’t played in front of fans in a while,” Kolb said Friday. “There’ll be a few ‘live’ periods tomorrow, I think. All the eggs are thrown into one basket. We got our first two-a-days, our first live period, first day of pads, all the guys are here, fans are here. . . . It is go time.”

The “live” periods are what camp is all about. It’s when the first-team offense faces the second-team defense and vice versa, and the third teams collide and (almost) anything goes. The quarterbacks are off-limits.

Saturday will also be the first time fans – except for the few brave souls who attended the early portion of camp this week – get to see all the new faces on the roster. There are 37 of them.”

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