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August 3 Philadelphia Daily News

” When training camp starts, the Eagles helpfully give reporters little laminated roster cards to hang alongside their media credentials. A week into onfield work, those cards are badly outdated.

Here is what the Birds have done in the past week:

* Wednesday: Safety Nate Allen agreed to contract, linebacker/defensive end Alex Hall released.

* Thursday: Defensive end Brandon Graham agreed to contract. Wide receiver Blue Cooper released. Wide receiver Jared Perry signed to a 3-year contract. Wide receiver Kevin Jurovich and safety Brett Johnson waived/injury settlement. Safety Antoine Harris signed.

* Friday: Acquired running back J.J. Arrington (or a conditional sixth-round draft pick in 2012) for linebacker Joe Mays. Placed offensive linemen Jamaal Jackson and Todd Herremans, and defensive end Victor Abiamiri, on the Physically Unable to Perform list.

* Saturday: Re-signed linebacker Tracy White. Signed wide receiver Kelley Washington. Released rookie wide receiver Jared Perry and running back Martell Mallett.

* Sunday: Recalled the waiver put on Mallet, so he remains on the team. Released fullback Dwayne Wright.

* Yesterday: Brought back Perry, released defensive end Eric Moncur.

That’s a lot of comings and goings, much of the activity affecting what would seem to be the bottom of the 80-man roster. What the heck?

“Some of it is being more aggressive, some of it is, sometimes you change your mind,” Eagles president Joe Banner said yesterday.

But when you keep cutting and bringing back players, doesn’t it make fans wonder if you are secure in your judgments?

“Sometimes circumstances change, or sometimes you do change your mind,” Banner said. “We’re still human. Sometimes circumstances change – you go out to practice and you’re a wide receiver short and the guys are looking really tired. Sometimes you review something and you say, ‘Geez, maybe we should have done it this way instead of this way.’ You’re still talking 80th guys.”

Perry apparently came back because wideout Jordan Norwood has a hamstring problem.”

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