Oct 282011
Eagles President Joe Banner

Banner and company have been quiet this season

Before the season started, Joe Banner’s know-it-all smugness and Howie Roseman’s little boy nerd voice were unbearably spread around the radio like the clap in a crack house.  The fantasy footballers were all over the place during preseason, each attempting to outsmarm the other, patting themselves on the back for their “aggressive plan” and how they’re “all in” and “going for it” and how “anything less than a Super Bowl is a failure” and whatever.

Now, not so much.  All the losing and underachieving — nothing.  All the dream team garbage — nothing.  Asante Samuel blatantly if likely unitentionally pointing out the obvious that Andy Reid no longer has much power or control in the front office — nothing.

At least Reid publicly addressed Asante’s comments.  It’s very telling that a premier player in a leadership position completely thrashes the team and no one upstairs says a word despite being called out directly.  This isn’t a media member or fan or whoever calling them out.  This is a star player in the heart of the locker room.  And to have them ignore it is damning and really, a bit irresponsible.  They left the beleagured coach to respond, which is fine as that’s his role, but now that it’s not about chest puffing and bragging about how smart they are the rats in the NovaCare complex have scurried behind their mahogany-built hide-aways.

Of course, it’s hard to complain about not having to hear from them as they tend to annoy and alienate anyone who listens to them, and it’s not surprising that they crawled into their holes to hide from their mess, but still.  If they’re going to insert themselves into the public dialougue of the Eagles brand, they should also be willing to own their roles and acknowledge the situation that they created.

Unless of course they’re still thinking how smart they are and intentionally staying silent, allowing every ounce of blame to focus on Reid.

So it’s unlikely we’ll be hearing from them any time soon.  At least, not unless the Eagles go on a nice winning streak.  Then of course we’ll hear things like “we knew it would turn around”, or “we expected some bumps but the plan is coming together”, or “the team has enough talent to win and now we’re seeing it”, and other such self-congratulatory BS tinged with passive aggressive shots at Reid.

Overall, it’s just really unfortunate that with the expectation of Reid’s eventual and overdue ouster comes the knowledge that we’re still going to be stuck with guys who would likely get beat by the secretary in the $20 office fantasy league.

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