Oct 132011

The complete debacle that is the 2011 Eagles season has officially become a freakshow.

It’s not enough for the team to fire out of the gates 1-4.  That Reid is likely the worst gameday coach to be seen in the NFL since possibly Rich Kotite.  That Reid and his braindead minion Marty Mornhinweg couldn’t put together an effective run of playcalling if the ghost of Bill Walsh crawled up both their backsides and had them dance around like portly puppets.  That the torturing subhuman quarterback plays like he’s on the schoolyard and couldn’t see a blitz coming if they were firing flare guns in his face from across the line.

And that’s not even mentioning the incredibly awful play of the defense (minus the defensive line) and the defensive coordinator.  Juan Castillo would likely struggle coordinating a clown convention.  It’s ridiculous.  Of course, it doesn’t help that the linebackers stink worse than a hippy who doesn’t believe in showers and that the safeties couldn’t even tackle a fieldstreaker.

It’s an absolute mess.

So it’s no surprise that some overzealous and likely unemployed fans decided to get their message heard at the Novacare complex.  Across the street from the Eagles practice facility was hung a sign that said, “ANDY THE TIMES…TO GO”.

It’s a message we can all get on board with.

Well, all of us except for Eagles offensive linemen Jason Kelce and Evan Mathis, who made the fans take down the sign.  That’s what happened when the two linemen, not to be mistaken for turnstyles, saw the sign as they left the facility.  They drove back and asked the fans to take it down, and the fans did.

And now, with criticism mounting, the two players are trying to defend their actions.

“I support our fans, I support everyone that roots for us, everyone that comes to the games. That’s the wrong message that’s being displayed right now. I support freedom of speech,” said Kelce, via philly.com.  “If you want to go out to talk bad stuff about the coaches or things like that do it on a blog, do it wherever you want, but don’t bring it to our front door right now when we’re 1-4 trying to get better we don’t need that kind of division on the team right now.”

To be clear, it wasn’t on the front door.  It was across the street.  At the park.  Which is public property.

“They have the right to do that just as much as I have the right to tell them – ask them – to take a sign down. I support their freedom of spech and I support their right to say anything they want to. But what I want them to do is do that on a blog, do it in the media, but keep it away from here,” Kelce said. “Right now we’re tyring to come together as a team and get this thing fixed. We don’t need people calling for our coach’s head right in front of us on our front door when we’re trying to get better.”

Tough shit.  Try playing better for your coach then.  Or better yet, tell your coach to do a better job there.  If you can’t handle a little criticism go get a real job.

Kelce of course thinks he’s in the right.

“I don’t regret it at all. There was nothing ever physical mentioned, there was no harm mentioned – we asked them to take the sign down,” he said.

Mathis does too.

“We’re trying to come together as a team and stay together as a team and create a positive environment around here and it’s different if you’re going to write about it or call into a radio show or blog about it or talk amongst your friends about it. To go in our front yard and put something so negative right here – I stand by telling them to take that down,” he said.

“I didn’t want anything negative out there that would start, that could have any kind of potential to create a divide in this team, so we asked them, take it down.”

So, a journeyman and a rookie, both new to Philly, are now dictating how and when fans can voice their displeasure?  Your team is 1-4 assholes, you should be shutting up and only being seen on Sundays.  If you don’t want protests or cries for the coach’s head, stop sucking.

In the meantime, stop crying.  Just goes to show that even the biggest of men can really be the littlest of babies.

Here’s video of Kelce defending his crybaby action on Good Morning Philadelphia:

Kelce is obviously not a fan of criticism, or apparently women, amongst others.  I wonder what his defense for these tweets will be?

Jason Kelce anti-woman tweet

Jason Kelce anti-woman tweet

Jason Kelce tweet about non-English speakers

Jason Kelce tweet about Asian computer baby

h/t to Crossing Broad.

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