Oct 052010
Eagles C Mike McGlynn

Eagles C Mike McGlynn

October 5 Camden Courier-Post:

“Overshadowed by all the craziness of Sunday’s 17-12 loss to the Redskins — Donovan McNabb’s return, Michael Vick’s injury, Andy Reid’s time management, etc. — was another disappointing effort by the Eagles’ offensive line.

Left tackle Jason Peters committed two more false starts, and right guard Max Jean-Gilles, in his first start of the season, committed a penalty that took away a first-and-goal situation in the first quarter.

The line also had protection problems again, which [right] tackle Winston Justice acknowledged after the game.

“All I know is we have to get better,” Justice said.

But the line’s penalties inflicted the most damage. The only lineman who didn’t draw a penalty was center Mike McGlynn.

The rash of infractions drew some criticism from Reid in his opening statement at Monday’s press conference, but the coach was lukewarm in his complaints about Peters, who now leads the team with five penalties.

“Well, listen, he’s working his tail off. That’s the first thing,” Reid said. “These aren’t penalties that are loafing penalties, or he’s not moving his feet, or he’s tired, or any of that. That’s not what these are.

“We just have to stay disciplined and focused with hands in the holding category — making sure that we’re tight with the hands. We know the officials are in a different position now calling the holding calls. And you have your best rushers on that side, so you have to make sure you overexaggerate how tight your hands are.

“And then, listen, the outside penalties, those are concentration penalties. He just has to make sure he stays focused in on it. He wants to get off the ball quick and get on guys, but you have to just make sure that you stay on top of them.””

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