Dec 132011
Former Eagles WR Steve Smith

Steve Smith can now go back to the Giants. Buh-bye.

The Eagles have placed Steve Smith on injured reserve, ending a disappointing season for the former Pro Bowler. 

Per Andy Reid, Smith had an MRI on Monday that revealed Smith sustained a bone bruise in the knee.  The receiver then experienced swelling in it during the Eagles plane ride to Miami this past Saturday.  It was the same knee Smith injured last season, which required microfracture surgery to repair.

Not only is Smith’s season over, his abbreviated Eagles career has likely ended as well, with the former Giants receiver earning over $2 million for 11 catches.  Smith was on a one-year deal and it’s highly unlikely he comes back, though with DeSean Jackson contract up as well and the team potentially moving on, anything is possible. 

Since Smith was pretty much useless this is really a non-loss for the team other than the money, which probably bothers Joe Banner more than Reid.  Smith barely saw the field and was clearly not fully recovered from the surgery.  Plus his dive job against the Cardinals this past November pretty much ensured that most fans are glad to see him gone. 

Taking Smith’s roster spot is rookie defensive tackle Cedric Thornton, who was called up from the practice squad.  Hopefully he stays on the team longer than in his last go ’round.  Thornton survived finals cuts only to be let go a day later when the team signed guard Kyle DeVan.  Ouch.

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