Oct 272010
Eagles WR DeSean Jackson

Eagles WR DeSean Jackson

October 27:

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Players get bye in different ways

October 27 Philadelphia Daily News columnist Winston Justice:

“ALTHOUGH we know the bye week is coming, it always remains an unspoken topic of conversation.

It is something that players refuse to address before the last game, as no one wants to jinx the team into a loss. Why? Beyond the obvious of wanting to win, there’s always a possibility that if we lose before a bye, Coach will have us come in and practice all week.

So, I would hope that there is that added incentive to win before the bye, to ensure we make the most of some time off. Unfortunately, Tennessee didn’t work out that way. We just didn’t execute our plays in the second half, which is unacceptable in the NFL.

Any team in the league is capable of mounting a comeback, and it is up to us to put games out of reach when we have the chance, especially against a team as good as the Titans.

In regard to the bye week, we obviously know when the schedule comes out which week it is going to be. However, that doesn’t mean much. Coach does not tell us which days we will have off until the Monday after the last game. That means there really is not any time to plan a big trip. But, the benefit of this is it helps us keep our minds focused on football and winning the rest of the season.

The bye week is a little crazy, as you are torn between two things. You want to rest your body, and you know your body needs rest. Yet, at the same time, you want to get into the gym and keep training. So guys either go one of two ways; they either don’t do anything all week or they work out every day.

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Eagles’ Jackson says he’s slowly improving from concussion

October 27 Philadelphia Daily News:

Eagles wideout DeSean Jackson said his collision with Atlanta’s Dunta Robinson felt “like a car accident” and that he lost consciousness for a few minutes.

Jackson, speaking publicly for the first time since suffering a concussion Oct. 17, said in his weekly appearance via Skype on Comcast SportsNet’s “Daily News Live” that he is hopeful of returning when the Eagles come back from the bye against the Colts but is “taking it day by day.” The Eagles said Monday that Jackson has passed head athletic trainer Rick Burkholder’s concussion tests and now will be evaluated by an independent neurologist, the last step toward being cleared to practice and play.

“Day by day I’m getting a lot better,” Jackson said. He said he is lifting weights but has not tried to run yet.

He did not say he definitely will be back against the Colts.

Jackson said his symptoms were much like his concussion last year. “Headaches, feeling slowed down, feeling drowsy. Feeling tired.”

Asked about the NFL’s crackdown on hits that cause head injuries, Jackson said he thinks it will be really hard to do much. “It’s a rough sport we play,” he said.”

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Eagles’ Jackson after big hit: ‘What happened?’

October 27 Philadelphia Inquirer:

“In his first public comments since he took a vicious hit two weeks ago, DeSean Jackson said that the collision he had with Atlanta cornerback Dunta Robinson felt like he “was in a car accident.”

The Eagles wide receiver confirmed that he lost consciousness for what he believed to be “a couple of minutes.” Jackson said it took about an hour before he regained his bearings.

“I was like, ‘What happened?’ ” Jackson said Tuesday on Comcast SportsNet’s Daily News Live. “Everybody was like, ‘You got hit hard.’ ”

As for whether he anticipates being ready to play in the Eagles‘ next game on Nov. 7 against the Colts, Jackson said, “I look forward to be playing.””

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