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Politico d-bag Tucker Carlson

Politico d-bag Tucker Carlson

December 30:

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Tucker Carlson calls for Vick to be ‘executed’

December 29 Philadelphia Inquirer:

“Well, Michael Vick now has even more in common with Donovan McNabb than just his old job under his former coach. Just as McNabb was frequently blindsided by off-the-wall attacks (Rush Limbaugh, Bernard Hopkins, etc.), Vick last night took an unlikely shot from Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson.

Guest hosting Sean Hannity’s show, Carlson noted that President Obama had praised Eagles owner Jeff Lurie for given Vick a second chance after his incarceration on charges related to a dogfighting ring.

“I’m a Christian,” Carlson said, a preface that is often followed by un-Christian remarks. I’ve made mistakes myself. I believe fervently in second chances. But Michael Vick killed dogs and he did it in a heartless and cruel way. I think personally he should have been executed for that. He wasn’t.””

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Andy Reid looks to fix problems that are fixable

December 30 Philadelphia Daily News

“SOME OF THE EAGLES‘ problems are hard to fix, such as the fact that they don’t really have a top-notch, starting-quality corner to play opposite Asante Samuel, or that rookie middle linebacker Jamar Chaney remains extremely inexperienced.

Other things that contributed to Tuesday’s loss to the Vikings are more under the control of players and coaches, and shouldn’t have happened. That was part of Andy Reid’s message in his day-after news conference.

“We have to get rid of the things that I don’t consider very smart things, like [confusion on] substitutions . . . the offsides, all of those things, you have to eliminate those,” said Reid, whose team incurred 12 penalties in losing the first game all season it had been favored to win by double-digits. “No matter who’s in there, that part has to stop. That’s ‘early in the year’ mistakes, and you don’t make those right now. That’s concentration things, paying attention on the sideline, that’s coaches and players. So that part has to end.

“And then, responsibilities on the field. So when you’re out there, are you in the right gap? Are you using the right techniques on both sides of the ball and special teams? Doing the right things?”

Among the things Reid had in mind was that penalty his defense drew for having 12 men on the field for a red-zone snap.”

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Sitting starters is right move for Eagles against Cowboys

December 30 Philadelphia Daily News columnist John Smallwood:

“A FEW HOURS OF reflection after the Eagles‘ despicable loss to the Minnesota Vikings Tuesday night did not soothe the beast, but Andy Reid was a bit more reasoned.

In the moments after the Birds’ 24-14 loss that locked them into the No. 3 seed in the NFC playoffs, Reid snapped that his team was not “good enough” to rest players for a now meaningless regular season finale against Dallas.

Yesterday, however, Reid seemed far more open to the idea that it might be in the Birds’ best interest to rest some players against Dallas and get them healthy for the playoffs the following weekend.

“As far as how we play the guys and who we play this week, I haven’t finalized that,” Reid said. “I’m looking at that now.

“You’ve got to look at what’s at stake injury-wise if you play them. Some guys need the play time and some guys need the rest time. I’ve got to look at who those guys are and what situations I put them in.”

I admit that I have never been a big proponent of resting guys to get ready for the playoffs.

I think football is a game of rhythm.

It is a risk to assume that a large group of players will instantly be cohesive again after sitting out a game.

I did not like it in 2001 when the Eagles were locked into a home playoff game against Tampa Bay in the wild-card round, and Reid sat virtually the entire starting unit for a season-ending game in Tampa Bay.

I really didn’t like it in 2004 when the Eagles had clinched the No. 1 seed in the NFC playoffs with two regular-season games to go.

Reid sat out several key players for those final two games – both losses.

It wasn’t that the Eagles basically gave away a chance to post a remarkable 15-1 record.

It was because with a bye in the playoffs, several Eagles didn’t take a meaningful snap for nearly a month.”

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