Sep 252011

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Linebacker shuffles under Reid

September 25 CSN Philly

Andy Reid was asked several times Friday about this week’s linebacker shuffle, and each time he just shrugged it off as no big deal. Finally, in a brief moment of self-deprication, he smiled slightly and added, “I’ve done it a few times before.” Um, yeah. A few times.

Eagles great Joyner excited to hear cheers one more time

September 25 CSN Philly

Seth Joyner’s nine-year-old son Tobias heard the news on TV and came rushing into the living room of their Arizona home Friday, yelling to his dad. “Dad, dad,” he said. “He’s playing! Michael’s playing!” Tobias Joyner might be the son of one of the greatest Eagles ever, but right now, all he cares about is watching Michael Vick, DeSean Jackson and all his other favorite Eagles face the Giants Sunday.

Top draftees not helping Reid, Eagles

September 25 Courier-Post

A couple of weeks ago, Charlie Manuel was asked who he thought was the team’s Most Valuable Player this year. The Phillies manager cracked his affable crooked smile and said he thought Ruben Amaro was the MVP. Manuel continued to say he wasn’t kissing up to the Phillies general manager and understood Amaro didn’t knock in any runs or throw any complete games. The manager just want to emphasize what a commendable job his GM did loading the roster with talent.

Eagles tackle Peters loves to clear way

September 25 Courier-Post

One of the Eagles’ most perfectly executed plays from last Sunday’s game against the Falcons wouldn’t have happened last year. The scheme and alignment responsible for Jeremy Maclin’s 36-yard touchdown catch against Atlanta — with left tackle Jason Peters providing the lead block — weren’t in the playbook until recently. “It would have been probably the tight end or the receiver blocking for him,” Peters said.

WR looks to regain form against former mates

September 25 New York Post

Steve Smith delighted the Giants in 2009 when he set a franchise record with 107 receptions. He bummed them out this summer when he rebuffed their offer and instead signed with the rival Eagles. He also shocked the Giants, who believed coming off knee surgery Smith had few options in free agency and would return to the team that drafted him in 2007.

Jenkins tells story of adversity to teammates

September 24 CSN Philly

Cullen Jenkins stood in front of his defensive teammates Thursday morning and spoke about his life and his career and the adversity he’s faced over the years.  It’s part of a new routine where a different defensive player shares his story with his teammates each day.

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