Aug 052010

August 5 Philadelphia Inquirer

Stewart Bradley marked the one-year anniversary of his knee injury by practically pummeling running back Eldra Buckley back into last August.

“Eventually, you get tired of hitting your own guys because you’re buddies,” Bradley said. “But they’re the only targets out there, so you got to hit somebody. Right?”

The Eagles middle linebacker tagged Buckley twice during the morning “live” hitting portion of practice. The first pop came when a twisting Buckley, trying to get extra yards, left himself unprotected and Bradley squared him up with a big hit.

The second collision, however, jolted the first-team defense and had to be the best wood-laying of training camp.

Buckley, playing with the second team because of the injury to Mike Bell, ran right off tackle. Linebacker Ernie Sims made first contact, but the ever-persistent Buckley kept his feet churning. He left himself exposed, and Bradley laid the hammer.

“I think it was Bradley,” said Buckley, who was down for the count after he had the wind knocked from him. “He’s just trying to get back into game mode. I’m not mad at him.”

Bradley was around for the first full-pads practice on Saturday, but he had a hamstring spasm that afternoon and missed the next two days of practice. He almost missed the opportunity to finally crack somebody exactly one year after he tore his anterior cruciate ligament last Aug. 2.”

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