Jul 282011
Vince Young

The Eagles are rumored to be signing Vince Young

With Kevin Kolb traded to Arizona today, the Eagles had an immediate glaring need at backup quarterback.  Enter former Tennessee Titans problem child Vince Young

Per Clark Judge of cbssports.com, the Eagles are bringing Young in to back up Mike Vick.

Young is long on talent but short on brains and maturity.  Hopefully his experiences in Tennessee have humbled him enough to where he’s ready to start over and become the football player his talent dictates he should be.  Because with almost 100% certainty, Young will take significant snaps this season.  Vick will likely miss multiple games based on his injury history and reckless playing style, and his propensity to pull the ball down and run was even more evident late last season once defenses started to figure him out.  And with no offseason program to learn how to better play the position, Vick will again will running around every week.

It will only be a matter of time before Vick is out and Young is in.  And while Young has proven himself to be a pretty hard guy to like, if he can come in and play well all be forgiven.  Hell, most people accept that Vick is an animal torturing monster simply because he runs fast and throws far, so Young’s penchant for petulance (and shirtless all-male tequila parties) should be no problem.

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