Jul 192010

July 19 Philadelphia Daily News

“With rookies scheduled to report to Lehigh a week from today, the Eagles have signed all but two of their 13 draft picks. Only first-round pick, defensive end Brandon Graham, and second-round choice, safety Nate Allen, remain unsigned.

Joel Segal, the agent for Graham (and for a certain birthday-party-loving backup quarterback), thoughtfully called back to say he never talks about contract negotiations. But, yes, Segal has noticed that first-rounders aren’t signing yet, which just about has to complicate the Graham scenario. The expiring CBA apparently is going to affect first-round signings, just as it has affected everything else this year.

Last year, Segal represented two first-rounders, Buffalo defensive end Aaron Maybin, taken 11th overall, and Minnesota wideout Percy Harvin, drafted 22nd. Harvin missed only 2 days, which wasn’t significant. Maybin, out of Penn State, missed 27 days, which kinda was significant. He ultimately was the 30th of 32 first-rounders to sign.”

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