Oct 082011
Former Eagles FB Jon Ritchie

Former Eagles FB Jon Ritchie rips the Eagles on ESPN

Apparently ripping the Eagles continues to be a regular topic on some stupid and unwatchable ESPN show.  Yesterday Frank Gore called the defense a bunch of bitches.  Later that day, it was former Eagles full Jon Ritchie jumping on the shit-on-the-Eagles-defense bandwagon.

In some lame “Dead or Alive” segment ESPN apparently does, Ritchie pronounced the Eagles “dead”.  But he didn’t stop there.

“The root of this problem is, they decided to get pieces in the off-season to be a non-blitzing team, and that’s not what they were in Philadelphia. They also forgot to get linebackers and safeties,” Ritchie said, via csnphilly.com. “So now they’re trying to sit back and take teams on straight up, and they’re not stout enough against the run.

It’s like they went shopping at the deli and they bought two pieces of gorgeous artisan bread – their D-line and their secondary – and they spent all their money on that. And they forgot to buy the meat for the middle. So now they’re just eating bologna. Nasty, slimy, expired bologna in the middle.”

Damn.  That has to sting. 

He’s right, of course.  The Eagles used to be ultra-conservative when it came to the checkbook, only going after big name players when it was a home run shot (ugh, that Phillies loss is going to hurt for a long time) and they could make a big splash.  But this season, with Andy Reid’s stranglehold on the operations side giving way to fantasy football players in Eagles president Joe Banner and and general manager Howie “Joe Banner Jr” Roseman, the Eagles tried the Madden video game approach.

What was viewed as an unheard of and exciting case of the team finally being “all in” and actually serious about doing whatever it takes to win a Super Bowl, has devolved into a clustereff of mismatched parts, overloaded with talent in some areas and with glaring holes in others, and just underachieving overall at an incredibly bad level.  And the places with all that talent, like cornerback, are being terribly misused.  Nnamdi Asomugha, the top free agent signing in the entire league and known as one of the top cover corners in the NFL for years, is being used ridicuously out of place in zone coverage.  It’s unbelievable.

Hopefully when Reid finally gets canned the new coach will be allowed to scrap everything while the front office learns how to balance itself between the traditional fist-clenching and the whims of a 12-year old on a PS3.

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