Aug 272010

Eagles QB Kevin Kolb

August 26 Camden Courier-Post

“The dominant question going into this Eagles’ season shouldn’t be how Kevin Kolb will play on Sundays.

The fourth-year quarterback should make even the remaining Donovan McNabb backers in Philadelphia admit by the bye week at the end of October the Eagles made the right move in the offseason.

That is, if Kolb is still standing by Halloween.

After the first two preseason games, the more appropriate question than how Kolb will play on Sundays is how will he eat his food on Monday mornings. Will Kolb be able to chew solid cereal or will he be fed intravenously?

If the Eagles’ offensive line doesn’t protect the first-year starting quarterback better than Kolb has been cared for in the preseason, comparisons to McNabb will be irrelevant.

Except how Kolb runs.

Kolb can’t be hurried and harassed like he was against the Bengals last week in the regular season or he might be spending the bye week on Sunday, Oct. 31 dressed in an unwanted Halloween outfit — a hospital robe.

No one knows this better than Andy Reid. After all, the Eagles coach was an offensive lineman at Brigham Young University.

But, it is much more than playing the position. Reid has a stake in Kolb’s success this year. He needs his young quarterback reading defenses and not sniffing smelling salts.

Remember, Reid traded away McNabb to division rival Washington. They had come into the league together 12 years ago and will always be connected at the hip pad — unless one succeeds without the other this season. Then, either Reid of McNabb, will always be able to say he won without the other.

Think about it. If Kolb succeeds, Reid wins. If Kolb is battered and can’t play and McNabb succeeds in Washington, then No. 5 wins.

For Reid to win, Kolb has to play. If Kolb plays and stays healthy this year, Reid will win.

However, there is one person who is happier than Reid to see the offensive line getting healthy and Todd Herremans back at left guard. Afterall, Kolb is the one who had to eat on Monday mornings.”

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