Graham is eagerly befriending media

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Aug 022010

August 2 Philadelphia Inquirer

Brandon Graham is fighting for playing time on the field. Once the hitting is done, though, he appears to be running for mayor.

Graham, a defensive end, has vowed to “kill QBs” but seems to have a pleasant demeanor toward everyone else. He has made a habit of shaking hands with every reporter who lurks outside the Eagles‘ locker rooms at the Lehigh practice fields, an unusual tack even among the most media-friendly players.

Typically, a handful of scribes huddle behind the A. Haigh Cundey Varsity House so they can grab quotes or some insight on the day. The players, meanwhile, seldom approach the press unless they are first approached.

Graham is an exception. The rookie bounds out and shakes hands with every reporter there.

Sunday, he was so enthusiastic in greeting the waiting writers that one unexpecting newsman dropped his BlackBerry. (The device is listed as day-to-day.)

“You might as well make friends with them, that’s just how I look at it,” the first-round pick said.”

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