Oct 182010
Eagles QB Kevin Kolb

Eagles QB Kevin Kolb

October 18 Philadelphia Daily News columnist John Smallwood:

“IF I WERE Andy Reid, I’d change my mind again.

I’d step up to a podium today and say, “You know that stuff I’ve been telling you about Mike Vick definitely coming back as the starting quarterback when he is healthy, well, treat that like when I said Kevin Kolb would return as the starter after he got hurt.”

If I were

Reid, I’d flip-flop like a politician.

After defusing a quarterback controversy for the last 2 weeks, I’d pile up some wood, douse it with kerosene and toss on a match.

Kolb would be my new, old starting quarterback.

Of course, Reid didn’t say that in the moments after Kolb completed 23 of 29 passes for 326 yards with three touchdowns to lead the Eagles to a 31-17 victory over the Atlanta Falcons yesterday.

“When you’re sitting here as a chubby head coach in the National Football League, and you have two good quarterbacks, you’re a happy guy,” said Reid, who noted that Vick is still the starter. “You take Michael Kolb and we go play, baby. That’s what I get paid to do. That’s what I do.”

Vick may be the starter right now, but Reid still has another 2 days to break down films before practice on Wednesday.

We’ve already seen the change of heart that can create.

I’d just announce Kolb today.

The quarterback couldn’t have presented a more favorable argument. Against Atlanta, a team that many touted as the best in the NFC, Kolb was outstanding.

The way the Eagles’ offense operated was exactly the way Reid said it would when he anointed Kolb as starter and traded Donovan McNabb.

Kolb has responded to all the questions that have been raised about him over the last 2 weeks. Those who said Kolb played timid and without confidence made a ridiculously subjective observation from the start.

Kolb won at San Francisco and beat Atlanta by attacking and dictating.

“No, I never lack confidence because, although people don’t see it, in training camp, practices and, of course, the couple of games I played, there are just certain things that click and you say, ‘OK the game has slowed down a lot,’ ” Kolb said. “I saw that perfectly. When you do that, that’s what confidence is.”

Those who said Kolb couldn’t make the big throw had to be impressed by the 34-yard touchdown strike to DeSean Jackson and that great pass that hit Jeremy Maclin in stride and went for an 83-yard touchdown.”

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