Aug 112011
Eagles WR Jeremy Maclin

Eagles WR Jeremy Maclin

Eagles wide receiver Jeremy Maclin, who has been dealing with an unexplained illness, will be heading out of town for further testing.  Specifically, Maclin will meet with doctors in his hometown of St. Louis, who will presumably look to diagnose and treat whatever malady is afflicting the Eagles 23 year-old wideout.

Eagles beat writer Jonathan Tamari says the team have confirmed Maclin’s departure.

Maclin had previously said he was dealing with a “mono-like” illness earlier this year, with symptoms that would come and go.  It seems no one, including the Eagles or Maclin himself, knows exactly what’s going on.

The fact that he would leave the team and head home is not exactly a good sign, though as’s Les Bowen speculates, it could Maclin’s family ties to the medical community that prompted the trip back.

More and more it’s looking like the Eagles acquisition yesterday of former Giants receiver Steve Smith will have a major impact on the team, especially if Maclin ends up missing time in the season.

Assuming of course Smith is as healthy as he claims to be.

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