Mar 232011
Eagles QB Kevin Kolb

Eagles QB Kevin Kolb

By Justin Adkins:

And the Kevin Kolb trade talks sprint along.  Can’t imagine what it would be like if NFL teams could actually make trades.

The most recent rumor is that the Eagles are looking for more than a first-round pick for the 26 year-old former starter.  According to’s Reuben Frank, who cites two high-ranking league officials familiar with the Eagles thinking, the team hopes to secure a first round pick along with at least a fourth round pick, preferably higher.

That’s a nice haul.  It’s not really a matter of will they trade Kolb this offseason, it’s when. 

Trade rumor talk really began heating up earlier this month when ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that at least three teams were seriously interested in trading for Kolb.  We speculated that the Eagles could possibly look to use Kolb as a chip to move up as high as the top ten.  If they could somehow get to the 49ers pick at #7 or the Titan’s pick at #8 or even the Cardinals pick at #5, they would be in line for one of the top cornerbacks, LSU’s Patrick Peterson and Nebraska’s Prince Amukamara.

Eagles beat writer Jordan Raanan said today via Twitter that the Eagles see both Peterson and Amukamara as top five talent.  The organization has repeatedly demonstrated a willingness to make bold draft day trades when they target a guy they really like at a position of need.  They did it when they moved up for Shawn Andrews (d’oh!) and more recently with Brandon Graham.  Cornerback is arguably the most glaring of their many holes.

Trade talk heated up again last week when Eagles head coach Andy Reid went on the record saying teams were interested and basically that Kolb was available at the right price.  A few days later Eagles general manager Howie Roseman also went public with the sales pitch, talking Kolb way up.

“When you look at the history of quarterbacks getting drafted, you’re not looking at a group that’s a slam-dunk to begin with,” Roseman said.  “With Kolb on the other hand, you’ve got a bird in the hand, in terms of a guy who’s played at a high level and played against top-level competition.”

He’s not wrong.

The talks picked up even more steam later that day after Peter King reported that the Eagles already had an offer of a first round pick on the table.  It wasn’t a surprise to hear given the combination of the high number of teams that need quarterbacks, the lack of high end quarterbacks in the draft, and Kolb’s status as a player just entering his prime who has already shown great ability.

The next day, Reid along with Eagles President Joe Banner made sure the poker stayed hot, both making it clear that the Eagles would still trade Kolb even if the labor mess prevented them from securing draft picks in the 2011 draft. 

That of course was followed by today’s report that the Eagles want more.  Of course they do, and that’s why they’ve been actively trying to set the market, lockout be damned.  It’s smart business.

It may take too much to secure a top five or even top ten selection, but if the Eagles can get a pick anywhere in the first half of the first round in either this year’s or the 2012 draft it would be a deal they have to make.  Then again, they could always try selling high on Mike Vick.

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