Sep 142010

Eagles QB Kevin Kolb

September 14 Philadelphia Daily News columnist Les Bowen:

“HOW DID WE get here this quickly?

It’s astonishing, really, when you think back to April, and the Eagles’ trade of Donovan McNabb. Most fans were eager to move on, very supportive of the decision to do so with Kevin Kolb, the only quarterback in NFL history to throw for more than 300 yards in both of his first two NFL starts.

Michael Vick? At that point, Vick still seemed 50-50 at best to even be on the team this season. If anyone had been willing to give the Birds a fourth-round draft pick for him, he wouldn’t have been. Only a very small group of people – mostly the hardcore McNabb fans who feel they have to bitterly oppose Kolb on principle – had any thought that Vick should be the Eagles’ starting QB.

Now that Kolb has played an entire half-game of regular-season football and looked dismal against the NFL’s second-ranked defense in 2009, suffering a concussion in the process, and now that Vick has come up just short on a strong second-half rally, well, now it’s clear that the Eagles should scrap their quarterbacking plan going back to 2007, their rebuilding process that they don’t like to call a rebuilding process. They should just have 30-year-old Michael Vick run around and try to make plays, the way Donovan McNabb did 10 years ago.

Yeah, that’ll work. Supporters of that viewpoint can draw upon the work of all the run-first quarterbacks who have won Super Bowls over the years. And all the Super Bowls Vick won in Atlanta. Except for the fact that there aren’t any.

On Comcast SportsNet’s postgame show Sunday, the governor of Pennsylvania opined that the Eagles should just “cut their losses” with Kolb and move on. Premature? Why, no, Ed Rendell pointed out that Kolb also played poorly in the exhibition “game that mattered.”

Good grief.

“That’s not what’s happening,” coach Andy Reid said yesterday, when asked about the possibility of Vick supplanting Kolb as the starter. (Though it seems very likely Vick will start Sunday in Detroit, given the concussion-testing hurdles Kolb has to clear.)”

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