Jul 152010

by Justin Adkins

I get it.  Players support players.  QB’s support QB’s.  That’s fine.  But Kevin Kolb going out of his way to express his unwavering support and close friendship with admitted dog torturer Michael Vick comes off not only as forced, but blindingly ignorant.

Said Kolb, “I just told [Vick] that it was unfortunate what he had to go through.  I just said, ‘If there’s anything I can do, whatever it is, I don’t care, just holler.’ And, of course, he said, ‘I appreciate it.'”

What Vick had to go through?  Does he mean how Vick, a convicted felon who admitted to repeatedly committing heinous crimes, used extremely questionable judgment in holding a publicly advertised and open birthday bash?  A shindig that ended in the shooting of Vick’s former partner in animal cruelty, a man Vick is prohibited by law in associating with?  A man who was seen arriving by Vick’s own brother, who most likely is aware of the restrictions the elder Vick is bound by, yet nothing was done about it?

Yeah, Vick had to go through so much.  He was so stressed by the situation that he allegedly had to be restrained in an altercation a mere minutes before the shooting occurred.  Yes, the same shooting that Vick claims to have missed by over a half hour’s time.

Poor Vick.  It must be difficult to get all those facts straight when you’re going through so much.

Maybe it’s just because Vick and the crimes he committed are misunderstood.  Kolb further expounds, “I think people misunderstand Michael a little bit.  They don’t understand how good of a guy he is. But I think [Eagles players and coaches] all see that. I just hate – and this is what he’s upset about – that he got his name [dragged] back through the mud. For an outsider looking in . . . they don’t even know what the story is. They’re just seeing something negative with his name and it looks bad.”

Either Kevin Kolb lives in fantasy land or he’s purposely mocking Vick by spouting this nonsense.  What part of Vick admitting to hanging unwilling fighters, to electrocuting poor performers by hooking electrodes to their testicles, has been misunderstood?  What part of Vick admitting to the kidnapping of family pets to be used as fodder for training fighting dogs is unclear?  Maybe people get the wrong idea when Mike used his “rape stands”?

And after serving the too short amount of jail time for those crimes, and with strict restrictions placed on him as part of his parole, Vick continues to demonstrate irresponsible bahavior, acting in a way that even Vick’s misguided hero Tony Dungy comes out condemning.
Yes Kevin, there appears to be a misunderstanding about Vick, and it seems to start and end right in the Eagles locker room.  Hopefully the shades come off Kolb’s eyes when he takes the field as the new starting quarterback.
Luckily DE’s don’t use lynching ropes.

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