Jul 242011
Brett Favre

Are the Eagles really targeting Brett Favre?

In all of Philly sports there is possibly no one more annoying and irritating than Howard Eskin, whether he’s incessantly ripping the Phillies (he’s the only person on the planet who dislikes Roy Halladay), kissing the Eagles and especially Andy Reid’s ample ass, or just being a know-nothing and petty asshole.

In all of sports, there is possibly no one more annoying and irritating than Brett Favre, the aw shucks prima donna with a bigger case of narcissism than the love child of Paris Hilton and RuPaul.

So it makes sense that on Saturday night it would be Eskin who would report on NBC 10 that the Eagles are considering bringing in Favre once Kolb is traded. 

In a word, no.

Then again, the worst of Favre’s faults include sexting pics of his dong and cheating on his wife, so it could be worse.  At least he’s not a textbook psychopath with a penchant for torture.  Maybe the Eagles read this and decided to keep Kolb and bring in Favre as a backup and mentor.  Sign me up. 

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