Let’s give Kolb a little credit

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Oct 042010
Eagles QB Kevin Kolb

Eagles QB Kevin Kolb

October 4 Philadelphia Daily News columnist Rich Hofmann:

“IT IS OFFICIALLY a circus now and, yesterday at Lincoln Financial Field, the calliope crashed to the ground.

Everybody played their accustomed part in the melodrama. Donovan McNabb won the big homecoming game on a day when he completed eight passes. Andy Reid took a bewildering romp through time-management hell. Michael Vick, running recklessly, trying to make a play near the goal line, had his chest caved in by a pair of Washington defenders. Kevin Kolb, child of scorn, got his job back, at least until they take it away again.

Other than that, nothing much happened.

We are past the point of scriptability. You cannot make this stuff up, not after Redskins 17, Eagles 12. There are few things about the Eagles that could surprise you any more this season – OK, other than maybe an in-season trade for Terrell Owens. Or McNabb. Other than that, though, not so much.

Now we wait on the MRI on Vick’s chest, to see where Kolb stands.

“You want to be up there as much as possible and I’m a competitor and I want to play,” Kolb said. “I want to win. It’s vital for our season and for our team right now to go out and win next week and I hope I get the opportunity. But we’ll see what happens with Mike’s injury and what the situation is and then we’ll go from there.”

It goes without saying that this was a game the Eagles could have won. The time-management follies at the end of the first half potentially cost them four points. A Shady McCoy fumble at the Redskins’ 21-yard line in the third quarter likely cost them at least three more. In the NFL, it is the loser’s lament.

Kolb played a decent game, by the way – not a winning game, but a competent, professional, we-can-build-with-this-guy kind of game. (Which, way back when – you remember, last month – was what this season was supposed to be all about.) He played a Checkdown Charlie kind of style against a defense that dictated as much – which is what he was supposed to do.

Checkdown Charlie is a Brett Favre-ism, by the way. He famously derided quarterbacks who played that way on a conference call with Philadelphia reporters a couple of years ago – which people, including McNabb, took as a backhanded slap at McNabb’s prudent style. Ah, memories.

Anyway, Kolb completed 63 percent of his passes, put almost all of the short ones where they needed to be put, and cut down a bit on the recklessness that marked his preconcussion play in the first half of the season opener against Green Bay.

But there were two shots down the field against Washington that Kolb needed to hit, and he hit on neither. One was a deep strike to DeSean Jackson with about 13 minutes left to play that he simply overthrew. The other was on the final play of the game, a Hail Mary to Jason Avant that rattled off Avant’s normally sure hands and was intercepted on the rebound by Washington’s DeAngelo Hall.”

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