Dec 142010
Eagles RB LeSean McCoy

Eagles RB LeSean McCoy

December 14 Philadelphia Daily News:

“THE BEST YOUNG running back in the history of the franchise, a more productive runner/receiver at this point in his career than any of them (and by a lot), LeSean McCoy is modeled after Brian Westbrook and pointed in the same direction. That is the big picture.

Cowboys Stadium, Sunday night, 4:22 left to play, Eagles leading by 30-27, ball on their 10-yard line, short pass to McCoy for 6 yards, McCoy over the left side for 12 yards, and then for 19 yards, and then over the right side for 13 yards and then, later, on the final meaningful play, over the left side again for a backbreaking 6 yards on third-and-1.

That is the small picture that still had Eagles coach Andy Reid raving the next day.

It is what McCoy is now.

“Coach is always harping on finishing,” McCoy was saying in the locker room after the game. “It’s great to start but it’s how you finish. Even when we practice, the biggest thing is, ‘Finish, finish, finish.’ That’s the biggest thing.”

Finish, finish, finish. The words were just tumbling forth, rapid-fire. Finish, finish, finish. This was no time for home runs, no time for fancy. In the business of closing out a victory in the National Football League, it was brute force paving the way to the end.

“That type of game, those guys know what’s coming,” McCoy was saying. “You can’t kind of dance around when they have those guys in the box. They know you’re running the ball. In that type of situation, you just have to run hard . . . Different situation, you have to change your game up a little bit.”

McCoy’s success just continues to build upon itself. A player who wore out physically as a rookie is flourishing now after an extensive offseason strength and workout program. A guy whose problem was always going to be with the complexity of blitz pickup is now impressing his coach with his mental work ethic.”

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