Sep 232010
Former Eagles QB Donovan McNabb

Former Eagles QB Donovan McNabb

September 23 Philadelphia Daily News:

“A day after saying during his weekly radio appearance that Kevin Kolb, his successor as Eagles quarterback, shouldn’t lose the starting job because of an injury, Donovan McNabb declined to elaborate during his weekly group interview session with the Washington media.

“Really, everything that’s going on over there is none of my concern,” said McNabb, whom the Eagles traded to the Redskins in April for two draft choices. “Anything I may say at this point really doesn’t matter.”

McNabb, of course, was among Michael Vick’s biggest supporters and urged the Eagles to sign him.

“They made a decision [to start Vick] and that’s what they’re going with, so we just have to focus on what we need to do here,” McNabb said.

But asked whether he saw the irony in the Eagles‘ benching his anointed replacement just 2 days after McNabb passed for 426 yards – the third-highest total of his 12 seasons – McNabb smiled and said, “That’s Philadelphia. Things like that happen. I’ve been a part of that for 11 years and, obviously, as you see, it just doesn’t stop.””

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