Jul 072010

by Justin Adkins

Exhibiting the type of judgment that allowed him to see nothing wrong with the systematic torture and murder of animals, Michael Vick had to be restrained during an altercation just prior to the Birthday Party Shootout.

That’s the statement made by Harvey L. Bryant, the Commonwealth’s Attorney in Virginia Beach today. 

“There were some confrontations between individuals and between groups and Michael Vick was involved in one of those confrontations,” said Bryant to website WAVY. “[It was] a confrontation that involved shouting, words passing, some bumping.”

It was not said who Vick was attempting to confront.

“In terms of just using good judgment, at one point, [Vick] got in the limousine, and should have left at that point,” Bryant stated. “He got out of the limousine, and with the help of several friends, he was returned to to the limousine and left.”

Hopefully the Eagles have their good friend John Harbaugh, now head coach of the Ravens, on the phone discussing QB Troy Smith.  There is simply no reason to continue to employ a convicted felon guilty of atrocious, inhuman crimes, one who has continued to show an inability to change his ways.

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