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Eagles QB Kevin Kolb

September 13 Philadelphia Inquirer:

“The Eagles acted appropriately when it came to evaluating quarterback Kevin Kolb and linebacker Stewart Bradley and their concussions Sunday, according to the top doctor for the players’ union.

Thom Mayer, the NFL Players Association’s medical director, said he came to that conclusion after an NFL doctor spoke to the Eagles medical staff Monday morning to review the steps the team took after Kolb and Bradley got hurt. Mayer said he then spoke with the NFL doctor.

“It appears to me that they followed the procedure as laid out by the commissioner and by the NFL Players Association appropriately,” Mayer said.

Mayer was watching the game on TV and saw the Bradley stumble that seemed to clearly indicate a head injury, but he said it is possible that he could have been OK to return. Both Kolb and Bradley got back in the game after suffering their injuries, but were soon pulled for good.

“The key is whether after that episode he returned to normalcy,” Mayer said when asked about Bradley. Relaying information that was provided by the Eagles trainers, Mayer said, “He cleared very quickly, and that’s the reason he was put back in the game.”

Mayer said a concussion might not be immediately apparent. The tests for such an injury generally involve giving the player three words to remember, and then running them through a cycle of tests: seeing how their eyes respond to light and track, testing their strength, asking the player to run, and then, at the end, asking if the player can remember the three words. It all takes about three to five minutes, he said.

The NFL and NFLPA have recently stressed safety on head injuries.”

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