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Eagles QB Kevin Kolb

Eagles QB Kevin Kolb

October 13 Philadelphia Daily News columnist Paul Domowitch:

“The Eagles are 3-2, which may not sound like much, especially when you consider that the teams they’ve beaten are a combined 4-11.

At the moment, though, it’s good enough to give them a share of the lead in a flawed division that nobody seems capable of running away with any time soon.

If you’re looking for hope, consider the past. This is the sixth time in the last 11 years that the Eagles have started 3-2, and it usually has ended well. They have made the playoffs four of the previous five times it has happened.

The only year a 3-2 start hasn’t ended happily ever after was 2005, which will be forever remembered for Terrell Owens’ front-lawn ab crunches, Drew Rosenhaus’ limited vocabulary (“Next question”), Donovan McNabb’s sports hernia and Mike McMahon’s bad quarterbacking.

If you’re looking for a reason to despair – and let’s be honest, what true, self-loathing Eagles fan isn’t – go watch the first quarter of the Redskins game or the fourth quarter of the Lions or 49ers games. There’s a lot to despair about there.

Shocking as this may be to believe, Andy Reid doesn’t ask me for advice much. OK, he’s never asked me for it. Then again, neither have my kids, and that’s never stopped me from giving it to them.

So, here are a few suggestions for Reid heading into Sunday’s game against the Falcons:

* Stay with Kevin Kolb as your starting quarterback for two more games. Kolb proved Sunday at San Francisco that he is more than capable of running the offense until Michael Vick recovers from his rib cartilage injury.

With the bye week coming up after the Eagles play the Falcons and Titans, that would give Vick a full month and change to completely heal and be ready to go for the November-December homestretch.

It also would give Kolb the chance to gain more valuable real-time experience in the event Vick gets hurt again somewhere down the line, which, considering his damn-the-torpedoes style of play, is a very real possibility.

At the very least, a couple more solid performances by Kolb would only help increase his 2011 trade value in the event the Eagles decide to re-sign Vick in the offseason and deal Kolb to, say, the Vikings or the Browns.”

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