Sep 072010

Eagles QB Kevin Kolb

September 7 Philadelphia Daily News:

“Nobody knows better than Aaron Rodgers what Kevin Kolb is feeling right now.

The Packers’ starting quarterback played the same, often-frustrating, 3-year waiting game that Kolb did. He dealt with the same replacing-a-legend pressure that Kolb is feeling right now. (OK, so maybe Donovan McNabb isn’t a legend, but he is a six-time Pro Bowler with 216 career touchdown passes.) And he faced the same doubts from critics who felt he’d never measure up to his predecessor that Kolb is facing.

So it should come as no surprise that Kolb has reached out to the Packers’ quarterback for advice. And it should come as no surprise to anyone who knows him that Rodgers, whose Packers will face Kolb’s Eagles on Sunday at Lincoln Financial Field, has been only too happy to be of assistance.

“We’ve definitely conversed more than once in the last few months,” Rodgers said. “He reached out to me and wanted my number. That was a no-brainer for me. I was just honored that he wanted to seek my input-slash-advice.

“I’m definitely a fan of his. Having been in a similar situation, he’s definitely a guy I’m pulling for 15 weeks out of the season. He’s a very talented guy. I have no doubt he’s going to make a very smooth transition, as he proved last year in the two games he started.”

While it’s hardly been a stroll in the park for Kolb since his promotion to starter following the Easter Sunday trade of McNabb to the Redskins, it pales in comparison to what Rodgers went through 2 years ago when he succeeded The Icon of The Great White North, Brett Favre.

Kolb has had several months to get comfortable with the idea that he finally is the Eagles‘ starting quarterback. So, too, have the team’s fans.

Rodgers wasn’t so lucky. He was named the starter in March 2008 after Favre announced his retirement. Little did he – or the Packers – know that a Favre retirement announcement isn’t worth the tear-stained paper on which it’s written. He had to endure a crazy summer in which Favre showed up at training camp, was essentially told he’d have to compete with Rodgers for the starting job, and finally was traded away to the Jets.

While most Eagles fans were ready for the team’s Super Bowl-less marriage with McNabb to end, the same couldn’t be said of Packers fans in ’08, who overwhelmingly were in favor of extending the Favre era another year rather than rolling the dice with the unproven Rodgers.”

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