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August 11 Camden Courier-Post

“The scale is 1-to-10. The grade is somewhere between six and seven. The judge is Jason Peters. The subject: his 2009 season.

“I could do better,” the usually quiet Eagles left tackle said after Tuesday’s practice in pads. “That’s what I’m working on this camp — just getting my stuff down. Last year I was learning, trying to feel out Donovan (McNabb), what his steps (are) like. That’s what I’m doing at this camp (with Kevin Kolb).”

After coming over from Buffalo about 14 months ago in exchange for a first-round pick and some other draft compensation, Peters executed enough last season to make the Pro Bowl and continue the decade-long trend of stalwart blocking from the blind side under head coach Andy Reid.

But there were still skeptics — in the media, on the airwaves and wherever opinions are voiced. They insinuated Peters’ postseason accolade came more from reputation than production.

Peters disagreed, but he admitted that Year 1 of his Eagles tenure left room for improvement.

“I’m just trying to go out there and do as best as I can,” he said. “Just get better than I was last year. I gave up a couple of sacks last year and I’m going to correct it this year.

“Any left tackle in the league, if they (are) not dominant, the offense is not going to really click, the quarterback (is) going to be tentative. So as long he knows I got his back, he [is] going to do his thing.”

Most offensive linemen will admit that not hearing their name is the most tell-tale sign of a job well done. The guys responsible for getting their quarterback face-planted are the ones most frequently singled out.

In that sense, the minimal buzz around Peters this camp is an embraceable concept for an offensive line that’s making too many headlines for injuries, bad snaps or reclamation projects.

The same can be said for Stacy Andrews, a bust last year after the Eagles spent millions to sign him in free agency. So far, a revitalized Andrews is holding down the right guard job so far this camp.”

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