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Mike Vick proves that he’s still the same Mike Vick

Few spectacular plays, but the majority of the time it’s terrible decisions & inaccurate passes. And getting injured on a weekly basis. lol @ him getting 100 million

Start Vince Young on Sunday

If Vick is out. I hear all of the Kafka love, but just don’t get it. Young had a horrible camp, but got better as the pre-season went on and at his worst he’s better than Kafka. If Young is 100% or close to it he needs to start.

Vick no broken hand?

Reid just said it was a contusion not a break?

Some highlight of playcalling that left me saying WTF?

So. The eagles decide to hand the ball off and run one drive, I feel like 6 times in a row. It worked, as they got to the redzone.  Then. Out of no where. They lineup with an empty backfield… Why? You at lease make the D think, you could be running the ball. Instead you make it obvious you are not? Goal line. Handing it to the FB twice? Also. After vick had been beaten down the whole game, you sneak it? I just don’t get it. They call the wrong plays at the wrong times

Jackson Ripped the D

Saying After the eagles didn’t make it on 4th down. The D needed to step up, but instead let them march down the field. He said they needed to stepup with all the talent they brought in for the secondary. Ok 4 touches

The last 2 drafts

This team has drafted like shit.

Brandon Graham – pup
Nate Allen – Starting SS
Daniel Te’o-Nesheim – practice squad
Trevard Lindley – cut
Keenan Clayton – back up LB
Mike Kafka – third QB
Clay Harbor – back up TE
Ricky Sapp – cut
Riley Cooper – 4th WR
Charles Scott – cut
Jamar Chaney – starting MLB
Jeff Owens – cut
Kurt Coleman – Starting FS

Danny Watkins – not active
Jaiquawn Jarrett – not active
Curtis Marsh – not active
Casey Matthews – LOL
Alex Henery – looks good
Dion Lewis – potential RB2
Julian Vandervelde – back up gaurd
Jason Kelce – starting center
Stanley Havili – practice squad

Even the 09 draft was shit after Maclin and McCcoy. It’s great tht they’ve made some big additions in free agency but this team really needs to start drafting better if they want to win a super bowl. Scrubs like Coleman and Matthews aren’t getting it done. It’s fucking sad when in 2 draft years your biggest contributor is the kicker you took in the 4th round.

Shades of Donnie Boy

Why can’t the refs protect me. Sad face.  If fatboy made those comments after the game, he’d be getting killed. That’s for the walrus to say. Vick and mcnabb. Both dumber than dogshit. And for whatver reason. Both can’t finish games. Puking picks injuries etc.  Vick is becoming a whiner just like mcnabb. Hope this trend changes.

Matthews, Page & Foku

I am not sure who is the worst of the 3. They are all putrid. Matthews gets a ton of heat and rightfully so, but Foku and Page suck every bit as much as the adopted Matthews.

Would it really kill them to bring in Tatupu for a tryout

He started 16 games last year. Wasn’t his greatest year statistically and know his knees suck. But he’s not even 30.  Just damn look

Anyone Hear Reid’s Comments on Roseman Loving Watkins

I heard the audio clip this morning where Andy basically put the selection of Watkins at Howie’s feet saying he loved the guy, had identitfied him from the get-go, and basically Andy went with him. I’m not sure what the original question was and I don’t think Andy was throwing him under the bus, but with as poorly as they have drafted of late, the question again must be asked. Was it really wise to get rid of your personnel guys to bring in another nerd who knows little about evaluating talent? How long until we can finally point fingers? They are so god damn proud of their cap management and free agent acquisitions, but none of it means squat if you can’t draft.

PSU Football/College Football Thread.

With the huge movement, I know there’s plenty of us over here now to discuss.

2011 Fantasy Football Thread

there you go, dmc. everyone can put all of their questions, quandries, successes and failures in here.

1.1 billion reasons why today’s loss doesn’t matter

The team is worth $1.1 billion, according to Forbes. The weasel owners have no incentive to change the product on the field and they won’t mess with a lucrative formula until the fans stop buying tickets and t-shirts. But that will never happen. We’re loyal to a fault.

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