Apr 182012
Potential Eagles draft target DT Fletcher Cox

The Eagles could trade up for DT Fletcher Cox in the 2012 NFL Draft

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Thread: Eagles 2012 Regular Season Schedule Discussion

Sunday, Sept. 9 at Cleveland 1 pm (FOX)
Sunday, Sept. 16 vs. Baltimore 1 pm (CBS)
Sunday, Sept. 23 at Arizona 4:05 pm (FOX)
Sunday, Sept. 30 vs. New York Giants 8:20 pm (NBC)*
Sunday, Oct. 7 at Pittsburgh 1 pm (FOX)
Sunday, Oct. 14 vs. Detroit 1 pm (FOX)
Sunday, Oct. 21 BYE WEEK
Sunday, Oct. 28 vs. Atlanta 1 pm (FOX)
Monday, Nov. 5 at New Orleans 8:30 pm (ESPN)*
Sunday, Nov. 11 vs. Dallas 4:15 pm (FOX)*
Sunday, Nov. 18 at Washington 1 pm (FOX)
Monday, Nov. 26 vs. Carolina 8:30 pm (ESPN)*
Sunday, Dec. 2 at Dallas 8:20 pm (NBC)*
Sunday, Dec. 9 at Tampa Bay 1 pm (FOX)
Thursday, Dec. 13 vs. Cincinnati 8:20 pm (NFL Network)*
Sunday, Dec. 23 vs. Washington 1 pm (FOX)
Sunday, Dec. 30 at New York Giants 1 pm (FOX)
*Nationally Televised; Subject To Flex Scheduling

Thread: 2012 NFL Draft Thread

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Thread: Report: Eagles would target Fletcher Cox over Tannehill

from pft

Thread: Our Delusional Former QB

Did anyone hear any of this McNabb interview that he had at the Palm recently? They played some clips on the morning show this morning but I can’t find the website that suppsedly has the interview. Boy were there some gems including my favorite, when asked if he was a Hall of Fame QB he responds as quickly as I’ve ever heard any professional athlete respond with “absolutely!” He also claimed that despite winning the Super Bowl he did win the “big game” and he pulled out those 6 Pro Bowl trips faster than you can say vomit.

Can anyone track down this audio? I really did used to like the guy but he’s a flat out loser. Great players don’t have to tell you they’re great just like leaders shouldn’t have to tell you that they’re a leader. The whole thing is just sad at this point and in his campaign to rejuvenate his image he’s making himself look even worse.

Thread: John Mara: NFL “evolving toward” eliminating kickoffs

The NFL’s decision last year to move kickoffs from the 30-yard line to the 35 may have been the first step toward moving kickoffs out of football completely. That’s the word from Giants owner John Mara, a Competition Committee member who says the conversations have already started about potentially taking the play that has started… More…

Thread: 2012 NFL Offseason Thread

This thread is for all the NFL offseason transactions (cuts, trades, injuries, firings, etc.).

Thread: PSU Football/College Football Thread.

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Thread: 2012 College Football Thread.

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