Dec 112011
Eagles RB LeSean McCoy runs against the Dolphins

Eagles RB LeSean McCoy runs against the Dolphins (photo: D.Hallowell/Eagles)

It wasn’t a perfect win, but if the Eagles team that beat the Dolphins Sunday actually showed up more often, this season may not have been ruined.  And amazingly, the season isn’t technically over yet as the Eagles are mathematically alive in the playoff race.

That said, no one should be blinded by false hope as elimination should be official come this weekend, possibly before the Eagles even kick off against the Jets.  Still, it was nice to cheer for a win… even if it did hurt the team’s draft prospects.

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By Justin Adkins.  Pretty much the only thing left to look forward to in this lost debacle of an Eagles season is next year’s draft. So let’s do that.  Of course, right off the bat the problem with this exercise is that the same people who currently run the front office are the same ones who have created this current mess. Their decision-making ability is suspect, at best. Still, let’s forget for a minute that this is the case and work strictly in hypotheticals. Specifically speaking, let’s look at what could be a real possibility come the 2012 draft — the Eagles using their likely-high draft position to address the future at quarterback. MORE…

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Who’s on board the playoffs train with me?

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Pretty decent article in that the players mainly provide the words to the article:

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