Nov 212011
Eagles RB LeSean McCoy

Eagles RB LeSean McCoy runs against the Giants (photo: D.Hallowell/Eagles)

Vince Young led an awesome 18-play drive to seal the Eagles 17-10 victory over the New York Giants on Sunday night.  It wasn’t always pretty, and VY looked very shaky early on and LeSean McCoy was again under-utilized, but still, any win over the Giants is a good win.  Not only that, the victory means the Eagles are technically still alive for the playoffs.

Of course, that will likely change starting next week when the New England Patriots come to town.  But it’s nice to have something to cheer for in this lost season.

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Thread: GDT 11/20 Eagles at Giants, 8:20pm

[Editor’s note: check out PSC’s Eagles-Giants Gameday Thread for play by play recap and reaction to Sunday night’s game.]

Thread: DeSean Jackson

Has run his course. Don’t care how “explosive” he can be. Get the **** out.

Thread: Does 10-6 Get It Done?

I’m thinking this team wins out. Maclin and Vick come back and we’ll be back to putting up points. The question is, does that get us into the playoffs?  From a divisional standpoint I think our biggest fear is the 6-4 Dallas Cowboys. We play them again but I could easily see them winning all of their other games.(MIA, @ARI, NYG, TB, @NYG). If they do somehow lose one of those games we hold the tiebreaker against them. The Giants will be lucky to win one more game.

For the Wildcard our competition is the Lions, Bears and Falcons.
Detroit: GB, @NO, MIN, @OAK, SD, @GB. I think they lose at least three of those games and probably four.
Tie Breaker: Detroit would have 6 In Conference losses to our five.
Chicago: @OAK, KC, @DEN, SEA, @GB, @MIN. Since Tebow does not lose they lose three of those games. @OAK, @DEN and @GB.
Tie Breaker: Unfortunately the Bears would hold the tiebreaker over us.
Atlanta: MIN, @HOU, @CAR, JAC, @NO, TB. It is hard to see any more than two losses for the Falcons.
Tie Breaker: They hold it.  

In conclusions, we will need a miracle to have a chance at the wild card but there is a glimmer of hope for te division. Hopefully the Giants can pull out one of those games against the Boys.

Thread: Is Andy Reid a Hall of Famer?

If not, what would he need to do to get there? simply win a title and is he in?  this sparked a heated discussion this weekend, so i will let psc decide the winner.

Thread: Jerry Sandusky, Penn State sexual abuse cover-up scandal

[Editor’s note: rolling 200+ page discussion thread on this horrible situation.]

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