Oct 242011
Eagles DE Brandon Graham

Eagles DE Brandon Graham is finally practicing

Finally, the bye week is over.  And the other good news is that some injured players are finally back on the field.  Trent Cole, Brandon Graham, and Jason Peters are all on the field. 

With a Sunday night game against Dallas coming, the Eagles will need all hands on deck.  Can’t wait.

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Thread: Everybody back??

Babin, Cole, Parker, Graham all getting first team reps.  Peters is back as well.

Thread: Robinson fine reduced for hit on Eagles WR.

Jason Chayut on Monday said that Robinson’s original fine of $40,000 for leading with his helmet while crashing into Maclin was reduced following an appeal. The play occurred in the Falcons’ 35-31 win over the Eagles on Sept. 18.
Chayut says the appeal was filed because Robinson did not believe the fine “was appropriate.”  It is the second straight year Robinson has had a fine reduced. He was ordered to pay $50,000 for his hit on Philadelphia’s DeSean Jackson last season that left both players with concussions. That fine also was reduced to $25,000.

Thread: 2012 LB prospects.

Will 2012 finally be the year when the Eagles’ front office realizes that drafting a big-name linebacker early in the draft can help this team?  Obviously, they need help on the offensive line and that will probably be the first place to look to get help and some of these guys might not be available come the Eagles’ second pick, but thesr are some names to keep an eye out for as possible future replacements for the crap they have out there now…

Thread: PSU Football/College Football Thread.

With the huge movement, I know there’s plenty of us over here now to discuss.

Thread: 2011 Fantasy Football Thread

everyone can put all of their questions, quandries, successes and failures in here.

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