Dec 022011
Eagles RB LeSean McCoy

Eagles RB LeSean McCoy is the one bright spot on this failure of a team

That should just about do it.  Time to execute Order 66 on the entire front office and half the team.

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Thread: GDT: Eagles Vs. Seahawks- MUST WIN

[Editor’s note: check out PSC’s Eagles-Seahawks Gameday Thread for play by play recap and reaction to Thursday night’s disgrace.]

Thread: What does Reid need to do to get fired?

As of right now, I don’t think he gets fired. I think his overall results will override this bad year.  But, tonight went a long way in helping out the cause.  What more needs to happen before Reid is forced out?

Thread: Let’s Settle this… Should Reid be fired?

[Poll]  Should Andy Reid be fired after this season?

Thread: List players you still want on this team next year

Trent Cole
Cullen Jenkins
Jamar Chaney
Jason Peters
Danny Watkins
Todd Herremans
Lesean McCoy
Jeremy Maclin
Desean Jackson
Brent Celek
Jason Avant
Alex Henery
Mike Vick
Asante Samuel

Thread: DeSean Jackson

Has run his course. Don’t care how “explosive” he can be. Get the **** out.

Thread: McNabb released

does he end up with the Bears?

Thread: PSU Football/College Football Thread.

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Thread: 2011 Fantasy Football Thread

[Editor’s note: check out PSC’s rolling Fantasy Football discussion thread.]

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