Oct 102011
Eagles head coach Andy Reid

Andy Reid needs to do a better job there, blah blah blah

The Eagles 2011 season is pretty much over.  Not really because of this specific and pathetic loss to the Bills that dropped them to a laughable 1-4, but because of the way the rest of the season will most assuredly play out.

Sure, they could take advantage of a relatively weak divisioin and sneak in to the playoffs if they get the ship somewhat righted.  The problem is the team is coached by an arrogant incompetent and quarterbacked by a mentally deficient sideshow and both of them are just complete losers.

The sheer buffoonery of Andy Reid and the lack of any cognitive ability by Mike Vick can be summed up by one play alone — when the coach passed on a field goal and chose to run a play with eight seconds left and no timeouts in the first half.  Maybe if he had a quarterback with some level of instincts the decision wouldn’t have looked as bad but even them it was a dumb move.  Unfortunately, the man who loves the movie Hostel more than any other chose to run around and eventually throw the ball out of the back of the end zone as time expired.  Amazing.

The sight of Reid begging the refs for one more second and Vick looking lost is really the most damning image yet of an Eagles legacy marred by constant arrogance, stupidity, and incompetence.

This team needs a fresh start.

The Eagles need a coach who can bring it on gameday.  A coach who understands playcalling, or at least understands that hiring someone who can do it right is a good idea.  They need a coach who won’t be a laughingstock on the sidelines, someone who won’t get outcoached at every turn.  They need a coach who understands time management.  They need a coach who will give the ball to their stud running back more than 11 times in a game (or nine times last week, but who’s counting?).

They need a quarterback who has at least some brain power, an ability to play the position instead of just running around and hoping that pure athleticism is good enough to win the day.  Because it’s not.  Now that teams have adapted to Vick he’s a different quarterback.  Now that Vick has gotten his money he’s going to keep regressing and regressing.  He’ll never again be the guy who torched the Redskins on Monday night.  Yes, he’ll make some good plays and dazzle the slack-jaws, but anyone who watches him knows he’s a ticking time bomb waiting to explode into another screw up.

After all these years Vick’s still too dumb to read a defense.  He can look amazing one play and then just flat out horrible on the next.  He can string together a nice stretch where he throws ropes, escapes sacks, and makes things happen — and then he’ll throw a crushing pick.  He may be able to escape a rush or make a play, but if he actually knew how to read a blitz he’d be able to get rid of the ball faster and avoid those situations altogether.  He’s a loser.

And that’s just on the field.  If anyone thinks he’s any different than the guy who laughed while animals were tortured to death in creatively psychopathic ways, well, you’re a blind sheep with your head in the sand.  And that guy will show up again one day, no doubt.

With that all said, Vick is far from this team’s biggest problem (that would be Reid’s lack of coaching ability and horrible decisions on the defense overall and the offensive line specifically), but Vick’s still a symbol of the underachieving failure that always seem to plague this Eagles team under Reid.

It’s time for both Reid and Vick to go and for the Eagles to completely start over.  Hire a young up-and-coming offensive or defensive guru, make sure he hires someone extremely competent and experienced to handle the other side of the ball, and bring in a young signal caller that can grow up with the team and coaching staff together.

After nearly 13 years of Reid’s deja vu, it’s time for a new beginning.  So while each loss this season will sting more than the last, at least know that with every one Reid’s sun inches closer to the horizon.

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What out of work guys or next-in-line assistants are going to be the most likely head coaching candidates this offseason? What about college coaches looking to make the jump?  Unfortunately, I see the arrogant fucktard riding out the season, but then it’s likely this is finally it.  There are the usual suspect names like Cowher, Gruden, and probably Fisher — out of work former head coaches with pedigrees.  Then there are assistants who could be next in line, like a Perry Fewell from the Giants or Gregg Williams from the Saints, who likely wants another shot after failing before.  Who else is a realistic target?

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Wide 9 looked really great on that 3rd-down play where no one lined up over center and Fitzgerald audibled to a sneak so he could just run down the middle of the field untouched for a first down.  I’m glad we’re keeping it per AR’s press conference today. The rest of the league is not as smart as the Bills, so we can expect it to work much better in the future. Besides, Babin and Cole look really cool in that stance…

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stealing this idea from CF

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