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Rob Ryan

Rob Ryan and the Eagles -- what might have been?

Very depressing news from Sal Pal this week.  The Giants fan/Eagles “insider” told Mikey Miss that in the offseason the Eagles first choice at defensive coordinator was Rob Ryan.  Damn.  What a difference that would have made.  Of course, the Eagles would have still lacked talent so who knows.  But staring at that linebacker and safety situation probably made it easy for Buddy’s boy to honor the handshake agreement he had with Jerry Jones in Dallas.

And really, who knows if this is true at all, as Sal Pal is almost as unreliable a source of real news as Howard Eskin.

And of course Andy Reid refuted the notion that the team was bringing in a defensive consultant to help out the beleaguered Juan Castillo.  Just like Reid said Donovan McNabb was his starting quarterback.  And Kevin Kolb was his starting quarterback.  And that Sean McDermott wasn’t getting fired.  And that he’d actually do a better job there.  After almost 13 years and counting, it’s pretty clear that last one is the boldest lie of all.  And if Reid doesn’t bring someone in, it’s likely only because they couldn’t find anyone interested, or now that the news got out to be able to arrogantly say that the report was wrong the whole time.

Continuing the theme of things that aren’t true, the internet was buzzing with the “report” that the Eagles were in trade talks with the Denver Broncos regarding linebacker DJ Williams and one of the greatest and most loved Eagles of all time, Brian Dawkins.  Unfortunately it was just ESPN’s Adam Schefter saying it’s a trade that “should” happen, not actual insider news.  D’oh.

One possible trade target was Seahawks linebacker Aaron Curry, but that was just taken off the table when the Raiders picked him up for a seventh-round pick in 2012 and a conditional fifth-rounder in 2013.  Curry was a disappointment in Seattle but he still is young and has a lot of talent and upside.  And he is better than anyone the Eagles have right now.  Now it’s rumored that the Eagles inquired but only had low interest and failed to pull the trigger.  The one drawback to a Curry deal was his contract, but now it’s being said that there’s a good chance Seattle picked up a big chunk of Curry’s remaining salary to make a deal happen.

It’s a good thing Roseman will have those super-valuable picks in his pocket the next couple drafts.  You never know when the next Casey Matthews will be sitting there for the taking.

And then there’s Jason Kelce and Evan Mathis’ Signgate, the ill-advised antics of a couple of noob linemen trying to make up for getting their own asses beat on Sunday by bullying distressed fans.  The same fans that pump ridiculous amounts of money into the Eagles and the NFL’s coffers, allowing for even bottom of the barrel guys like these to make more money than most of us could imagine.

Fans have every right to express their feelings.  Is hanging a sign across the street a bit much?  Probably.  Are the fans entitled to do it and shouldn’t be harassed by underachieving players who contributed to the reason for the sign in the first place?  Absolutely.  And it’s not like things were being thrown or they were pounding on the facility doors or any conducting other obnoxious and over-the-line actions.  They just hung a sign.  Boo hoo.  If you want the fans on your side play better and win.

Hopefully these two meathead morons can block the Redskins on Sunday as effectively as they blocked those fans from pointing out the obvious fact that Reid must go.

Luckily no one can stop the discussion on the PSC Eagles message board.  Here’s a sampling of what’s being talked about right now.  Click each thread title to check out each one:

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The complete debacle that is the 2011 Eagles season has officially become a freakshow.  It’s not enough for the team to fire out of the gates 1-4. That Reid is likely the worst gameday coach to be seen in the NFL since possibly Rich Kotite. That Reid and his braindead minion Marty Mornhinweg couldn’t put together an effective run of playcalling if the ghost of Bill Walsh crawled up both their backsides and had them dance around like portly puppets. That the torturing subhuman quarterback plays like he’s on the schoolyard and couldn’t see a blitz coming if they were firing flare guns in his face from across the line.  And that’s not even mentioning the incredibly awful play of the defense (minus the defensive line) and the defensive coordinator. Juan Castillo would likely struggle coordinating a clown convention. It’s ridiculous. Of course, it doesn’t help that the linebackers stink worse than a hippy who doesn’t believe in showers and that the safeties couldn’t even tackle a fieldstreaker.  It’s an absolute mess.  So it’s no surprise that some overzealous and likely unemployed fans decided to get their message heard at the Novacare complex. Across the street from the Eagles practice facility was hung a sign that said, “ANDY THE TIMES…TO GO”. [MORE]

Thread: Sal Pal said the Eagles wanted Rob Ryan, Eric Mangini, or Jim Mora Jr as DC

Anyone else hear this yesterday on 97.5 with Mikey Miss? The Eagles first choice at defensive coordinator was Rob ****ing Ryan. He didn’t take it because he already had a hand shake agreement with Jerry Jones to go to Dallas (which Buddy was pissed off about).  God dammit.  And it’s pretty obvious why all that 3-4 talk was happening. Ryan and Mangini both run it.  Sal Pal said there were a bunch of other names they talked to, including Dennis Allen from the Saints who went out to Denver after saying his scheme wasn’t compatible with what the Eagles were looking for or something.  But damn, from Rob Ryan to ****ing Juan Castillo. Ugh.

Thread: Schefter rumor per WIP – Brian Dawkins back to Eagles? UPDATE: or not

dawk and dj williams for a third rounder. do it! now! don’t see anything on twitter and gargano said he was looking to confirm it. I know espn was trying to curb their guys breaking stories on twitter rather than espn.com so maybe/hopefully this is true.

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Ray Didinger published what we all know. This is the worst LB corp in Eagles history.

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for 7th Round and a 2013 Mid Round pick

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EPC Week 6 phi PICK’EM WAS, O/U 47.  1-4 team vs a 3-1 team off a bye

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there you go, dmc. everyone can put all of their questions, quandries, successes and failures in here.

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