Nov 142011
Eagles WR DeSean Jackson

Eagles WR DeSean Jackson discusses his benching Sunday

What a disgrace.  What once was anger is now apathy tinged with disgust. 

This organization is rotten from the head down, and that doesn’t mean Reid — he’s simply the ample belly of this bumbling beast.  Because there’s no doubt that when Reid finally quits/gets fired, the morons at the very top will find a way to continue their neverending ineptitude. 

If you can muster the ability to care, here’s a sampling of what’s being talked about right now on the PSC Eagles message board.  Click each thread title to check out each one:

Thread: Cardinals @ Eagles GDT: 8 game winning streak starts today

[Editor’s note: read through the PSC GDT for a recap of the anger over Sunday’s debacle.]

Thread: Day after PC: Vick broke two ribs early on Sunday

sure he does

Thread: Vick ****ing blows.

3 more years?

Thread: Face it, Reid is not going to get fired.

Look, you can hope if it makes you feel better but Andy Reid is not going to be fired. Even worse, I think there is a strong chance Juan comes back next year too. Reid is the perfect coach for Lurie, treats him with respect and makes him feel like a football insider. They have the perfect excuse with the lockout and will give him another off season to get things right. From stupid draft picks to hiring the O Line coach as DC they function on the fact that they know more than us and wallow in every chance to show it. Even more important is that Lurie does not really care about the local press and will be rewarded in keeping Reid by articles from people like Peter King saying how smart and brave he is.

Thread: 14 Carries by McCoy

McCoy led the league in rushing coming into the game. And so we gave him the balll (not including passes) 14 times today against a 2-6 team.  If that’s not reason enough to can Reid, I don’t know what is..

Thread: What is the bigger issue?

[Poll] coaching/schemes/game management, etc..  players/talent/heart, etc.

Thread: desean inactive

was late to or completely missed a meeting, apparently. wheels falling off the wagon. if they ain’t making the playoffs might as well hope for a meltdown that shows Reid has lost the team.

Thread: Did anyone hear Trotter’s comments?

Just heard the clip on 97.5.  I wish I could find an exact word for word online somewhere but I’m coming up empty.  Basically said that he thinks (and has seen it done before) that our FO is calling plays designed to NOT give DJax the ball being that it’s a contract year. Less stats = less money.  It makes sense…last year how many time did they go down the field to Desean on the FIRST play of the game. Im not seeing him go down the field at all. I see him quit on plays because he probably knows the ball isn’t coming his way.  I’m in no way sticking up for him…I think he has the possibility of being the next TO..but who’s to know if the FO isn’t bringing it on themselves.  They know what he can do…and thats burn people deep. But yet we see him running these terrible routes.  Food for thought. Could be doing the same for McCoy (only getting 14 fucking carries a game)

Thread: Steve Smith = softy

way to lay it down..

Thread: Draft Pick Watch 2012

wins:  1 ind 0, 2 stl 2, 3 car 2, 4 mia 2, 5 min 2, 6 sea 2, 7 ari 3, 8 cle 3, 9 jax 3, 10 was 3, 11 PHI 3

Thread: Eagles superfan (Arizona game re-cap is a must-see)

“eatdat*****445”.  This is hilarious, especially his rant about Parker going offsides. Apparently he does this for every game and more.

Thread: Jerry Sandusky, Penn State sexual abuse cover-up scandal

[Editor’s note: rolling 200+ page discussion thread on this horrible situation.]

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