Nov 082011
Eagles DE Jason Babin

Eagles DE Jason Babin goes in to tackle Matt Forte (photo: D.Hallowell/Eagles)

An inconsistent defense couldn’t make up for an inconsistent offense, which meant a maddening 30-24 defeat for the Eagles at the hands of the Chicago Bears on Monday Night Football.

The biggest key to the game was the Bears rushing their best player Matt Forte 24 times for 133 yards, while the Eagles inexplicably chose to under-utilize (again) their best offensive player in LeSean McCoy, who only carried the ball 16 times for a 71 yards.

Combine that with DeSean Jackson looking disinterested, Maclin dropping passes, and Vick making some poor throws and decisions and again showing that the league has caught up to him and he’s just not good enough, and it’s amazing the Eagles even scored 24 points.

And that’s not enough when the defense is giving up chunks of yardage on the ground and allowing Jay Cutler to beat them through the air.  For every good play they made there were multiple bad ones.  The Golden Child Nnamdi Asomugha looked confused again.  Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie is completely useless.  Him giving up on that play was pathetic.  The wide 9 generated zero sacks.  This is not a good defense (rookie Brian Rolle’s nice strip, scoop, and touchdown return near the end of the first half notwithstanding).

At 3-5 and with the Giants winning and going to 6-2, the division is looking pretty much out of reach for the Eagles.  And a wild card is unlikely to come from the generally weak NFC East, so the Dream Team should be watching the playoffs from the couch.

And no matter how bad the aggravation is over this Eagles team, it can’t even touch the anger being generated by the Jerry Sandusky and Penn State sexual abuse cover-up scandal.  The men who knowingly and willingly did nothing while a man continuously raped children are as heinous and despicable as Sandusky himself.  Every single official and administrator involved with this, from the university president to Joe Paterno himself need to not only be fired but thrown in jail to rot.  They are disgusting cowards who deserve zero benefit of the doubt.

They had a chance to prevent children from suffering horrible abuse and they did nothing.  Utterly indefensible and complete detestable.  Let them die in prison with Sandusky.

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Thread: Can The Eagles Get Out Of Vick’s Contract For Next Season?

If they can, please tell me how so?This is a serious question, do you know how?I’m assuming Reid and his boy Banner are gone following this season.

Thread: Removing dog killing and douche baggery. Is Vick really better

Than McNabb during McNabbs tenure here? Im starting to not really think so.

Thread: McCoy – 16 carries

45 pass play calls.  Keep up the good work Andy, you fat walrus. It’s not like McCoy hasn’t been the best player on the team this year.  Disgraceful, this entire front office staff needs to be gone next year.

Thread: Stuff that stinks about tonight.

No pressure on the QB.
Forte still rushing for like a buck 30
Vick making poor decisions with the football.
Jackson stinks.
Fake punt.
DRC stinks.

Thread: Eagles 3-5 halfway through the season…how do they finish?

3-5 through 8. Season most likely done. Final record?

Thread: Do Not Pay DJax

I’ve never seen a player less deserving of a big contract extension. He is athletic as hell, but he is not a true receiver, makes stupid plays, disappears for entire games at a time, and isn’t worth #1 or #2 receiver money. He has skills, but I don’t think there is any way in hell he gets the contract he is looking for

Thread: PFT: Eagles in long-term contract talks with Shady’s Mike Florio reports that the Eagles are in long-term contract talks with LeSean McCoy.  McCoy is making only $525,000 this year, which is well below his market value. Whether the Eagles are close to working out an extension is not yet known, but it’s not unrealistic to think something along the lines of Chris Johnson’s six-year, $56 million deal would be used as a precedent. McCoy is the No. 2 overall running back in fantasy football. It’s worth noting that he’s currently under control through 2012, so the Eagles shouldn’t be in any rush to move forward on a deal. He’s scheduled to make $575,000 next season.

Yes please.

Thread: Jerry Sandusky, Penn State sexual abuse cover-up scandal

[Editor’s note: rolling discussion thread on this horrible situation.]

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