Jan 122012

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Thread: Eagles lose Ryan Grigson to Colts

The Eagles lost one of their top talent evaluators Tuesday when Ryan Grigson was hired as general manager of the Indianapolis Colts.

Thread: Eagles player needs this offseason

List 1-5

Don’t be afraid to list linebacker more than once if you think we need more than one, for example.

Thread: 2012 NFL Draft – LB prospects.

Will 2012 finally be the year when the Eagles’ front office realizes that drafting a big-name linebacker early in the draft can help this team?  Obviously, they need help on the offensive line and that will probably be the first place to look to get help and some of these guys might not be available come the Eagles’ second pick, but thesr are some names to keep an eye out for as possible future replacements for the crap they have out there now…

Luke Kuechly, Boston College
Manti Te’o, Notre Dame
Keenan Robinson, Texas
Dont’a Hightower, Alabama
Vontaze Burfict, Arizona State
Zach Brown, North Carolina
Ronnell Lewis, Oklahoma (DE/OLB…Can play both)

There are a few others out there, but really, will it even matter with this current draft-day decision makers?

Thread: 2012 NFL Offseason Thread

This thread is for all the NFL offseason transactions (cuts, trades, injuries, firings, etc.).

Thread: The Long, Long Journey Into The Night Continues For Eagles Fans.

Hopefully, just one more year of this mess then we can FINALLY, FINALLY begin a rebuilding program. If it turns into two years because of another masked season of false hope with 9 wins and a playoff berth, the waiting will take even longer.  The eventual dream come true will see Lurie roll the dice and shoot the works with his new coach after a few years and bring a title to Philadelphia at long, long last. Lurie will then immediatly switch form being a self serving money grubbing villian to one of the most beloved owners in Philadelphia sports history overnight like magic.

Thread: DeSean Jackson

[Editor’s note: check out PSC’s rolling DeSean Jackson thread, now updated with 100% more stripper discussion.]

Thread: Pats OC Bill O’Brien is the new head coach at Penn State

**** me. Awful move by the university and IMO a step in the wrong direction.

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