Jan 032012
Eagles TE Brenk Celek

Brent Celek was one of 2011's few bright spots (photo: D.Hallowell/Eagles)

With Sunday’s beatdown of the Redskins the Eagles’ 2011 nightmare of a season can finally be put to bed. 

There’s been some talk recently over which terrible debacle was more disappointing, the Phillies playoff chokejob or the Eagles bumbling weekly efforts. 

It’s actually pretty easy to throw that dubious honor at the feet of the Eagles. 

The Phillies gave us 102 wins and a very enjoyable regular season.  Sure the sting of a first round playoff ouster for a team everyone just assumed would cruise to a World Series was extremely painful, but until then it was a fun ride.  Plus, the manager and the players are extremely likable, basically the polar opposite of the Eagles.

This Eagles season was more excruciating to watch unfold than anything from recent memory, even Ray Rhodes’ final 3-13 campaign.  This team was supposed to be great.  Super Bowl worthy.  All-in, they all said it.  Lurie, Banner, Roseman, all of them in the front office told us how smart they were and how this was all part of their plan and how anything less than a Super Bowl would be unacceptable.  Banner even busted out the cliche about insanity and doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  Even though that’s what happened.  Again.

So with all that build-up, the team goes out and embarrasses itself with comical-level buffoonery and incompetence.  The arrogance and ineptitude of Andy Reid and his coaching staff was never more in focus, though anyone who has followed this team over the years knew that nothing was really any different.  This was the same playcalling and horrible game management we’ve always seen.  But strange coaching decisions and poor personnel management finally have caught up to them like never before, leaving us with the disgust we’ve felt all season.

It’s time to move on, but it likely won’t be happening. 

Eagles owner Jeff Lurie is scheduled to meet with the media Tuesday at 2:30 pm.  Unfortunately, it will likely be to say that we’ll all be sentenced to another year of Reid, Vick, and losing.

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Thread: Jeff Lurie to hold PC on Thursday…let the speculation begin

[Editor’s note: hope no one is holding their brief anticipating Reid getting fired.  Still, we can dream…]

Thread: Season over. Let the apologist excuses begin!!!!!

I’ll start it out for them- Reid deserves another season because of the short preseason.

Thread: The Eagles will have the 15th pick in the draft

go get em guys!

Thread: Spags officially fired today

Definitely would be an upgrade from Castillo, sorry that the D looked better in the second half of the year but it was the first half that blew the season’s playoff hopes for us. Fingers crossed…….

Thread: Report: Spagnuolo will be Eagles’ DC in 2012

Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune reports that Rams owner Stan Kroenke plans to fire head coach Steve Spagnuolo after the season. According to Union-Tribune, it is “all but certain” that Spagnuolo will join Andy Reid’s staff as the Eagles’ defensive coordinator.

Thread: So What Changes?

All offseason we’re going to hear about how the lockout is the real reason we didn’t win and how things will be great next year, so does anyone see anything at all changing?

The thing that gets me the most is somehow the lockout wasn’t a big enough hurdle to prevent them from getting all those 4th quarter leads, but when they blew lead after lead because their d-coordinator is completely overmatched and their ignorant, arrogant, fat coach won’t run the ball, I fail to see how the lockout can be blamed.

In the end we now have a lower pick (not that it matters with Howie), will lose a big cog in the offense and have two coaches responsible for our schemes that will be another year older and who knows if they even want to come back. Does Andy think Mudd is here forever? If not, can they still run his scheme which seems to be finally working? What can we legitimately expect in the offseason? Will Andy finally come to the linebacker party, 2 years too late, just like he did with receivers? Will they actually do something with the safeties? Is Asante or DRC all but gone?

Wasting a season the way they did is completely unacceptable, and yet nothing significant will change.

Thread: 2012 NFL Offseason Thread

This thread is for all the NFL offseason transactions (cuts, trades, injuries, firings, etc.).

Thread: PSU Football/College Football Thread.

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Thread: 2011 Fantasy Football Thread

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