Oct 312011
Eagles RB LeSean McCoy

LeSean McCoy runs all over the Cowboys (photo: D.Hollowell)

Well that was fun.  The disappointing 2011 Eagles season was barely a distant memory by the time the clock hit zero in Sunday’s night game.  There’s nothing better to cure a football malaise than a hilarious ass-kicking of the Dallas Cowboys.  The local cockroach Cowboy fans have all scurried under the floorboards (for now), and it is good.

LeSean McCoy is the best player on the Eagles, without question.  He’s also one of the best players in the NFL, period.  He can stop, start, and burst as well as anyone, and his vision is excellent.  He didn’t even need to show off his skills out of the backfield on Sunday, though the one pass he caught he demonstrated McCoy’s rare explosion.  He’s become a truly complete player and is just an incredible talent.

And if he keeps it up, he’s on pace to shatter the Eagles regular season rushing record, currently held by Wilbert Montgomery.  McCoy now has 754 yards through seven games, putting him on pace for 1,723.  That number would destroy Montgomery’s record of 1,512, set back in 1979.

That said, and it’s weird to complain about this, but I’d rather McCoy not be getting 30 carries unless they’re riding him to a tight victory.  Having him run the ball late in a game that was over since the first quarter doesn’t really make much sense.  How bad does Reid hate Ronnie Brown?  Or at least give the Little Bullet some snaps.  Even if he put the ball on the carpet, the lead was in zero jeopardy.

This is a nice gripe to have considering the history of the playcalling here and the way this season had previously gone.

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