Oct 112011
Office Space consultants

Apparently Juan Castillo needs to improve his TPS reports

Things just keep spiraling downward for the 2011 Eagles.  With a defense that can’t tackle or pretty much do anything right ouside of the pass rush, the Eagles are rumored to be taking the comical step of bringing in an outside consultant to “help” the defense.  Wow.

The team would be better off just firing the overmatched Juan Castillo and moving on.  This just feels like watching George Hegamin push the sled around the practice field.  Sad.  Castillo isn’t doing well but he was set up to fail.

Hopefully it won’t just be the embattled defensive coach getting the axe this season.

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Thread: Per ESPN: Eagles conducting review of defensive coaching staff.

Apparently, they are discussing whether or not to bring in a defensive consultant over the bye week, if they don’t take more drastic steps.

Thread: Interesting Eagles LB ESPN Blog Post

By Dan Graziano. You guys ask so much about why the Philadelphia Eagles haven’t signed veteran linebacker Lofa Tatupu that, frankly, I’ve kind of stopped paying attention to it. But the idea has shown up now in a very interesting place that makes me wonder if something might finally happen soon with Tatupu. That place is Adam Schefter’s mailbag, which includes this item:

Q: Adam, why have the Philadelphia Eagles not signed anyone like Lofa Tatupu or anyone else for help at linebacker? It seems like even a slightly unhealthy Tatupu would be better than a trio of Brian Rolle, Jamar Chaney and Casey Matthews?  — Isaac (Penn.)

A: Hard to argue against your point, Isaac. The interesting part is that Tatupu wanted to play for the Eagles as much as, if not more than, any team in the league when this season kicked off. He did have some casual conversations with the Eagles during the summer, but Philadelphia wanted to see its young linebackers and how they performed. So far, not so well. At the same time, Tatupu’s knees weren’t quite as ready as he wanted them to be, though they are now. He is ready to play.


Thread: Realistic potential new head coach targets?

What out of work guys or next-in-line assistants are going to be the most likely head coaching candidates this offseason? What about college coaches looking to make the jump?  Unfortunately, I see the arrogant fucktard riding out the season, but then it’s likely this is finally it.  There are the usual suspect names like Cowher, Gruden, and probably Fisher — out of work former head coaches with pedigrees.  Then there are assistants who could be next in line, like a Perry Fewell from the Giants or Gregg Williams from the Saints, who likely wants another shot after failing before.  Who else is a realistic target?

Thread: The Wide 9

Wide 9 looked really great on that 3rd-down play where no one lined up over center and Fitzgerald audibled to a sneak so he could just run down the middle of the field untouched for a first down.  I’m glad we’re keeping it per AR’s press conference today. The rest of the league is not as smart as the Bills, so we can expect it to work much better in the future. Besides, Babin and Cole look really cool in that stance…

Thread: Vick holds the ball too long.

Team is well within fg range. Hold the ball til there’s no time left. Effectively losing 3 points

Thread: Is it possible Reid quits or is fired before the season ends?

If they’re sitting at like 3-7, I can see it.  Anyone know if Jon Gruden has an out clause in in his MNF contract?

Thread: Things that have lived up to their hype better than 2011 Eagles

stealing this idea from CF

Thread: PSU Football/College Football Thread.

With the huge movement, I know there’s plenty of us over here now to discuss.

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