Nov 282011
Vince Young Eagles-Patriots 11.27.11

Vince Young throws one of his many passes against the Pats (photo: D.Hallowell/Eagles)

Losing to the Patriots wasn’t really a surprise for this underachieving mess of an Eagles team.  DeSean Jackson alligator arming touchdown passes isn’t really a surprise either, nor was the defense getting owned by Tom Brady.

Speaking of, how painful is it that a town like Boston (ugh) gets Brady and we get a suicidal mental midget, an overrated textbook evil psychopath, a dancing, grinning, puking baby, and Doug freakin Pederson.  Oh yeah, and the Detmers.  Life is unfair sometimes, but I digress.

It’s all pretty much par for the course with this team and organization.  And the mantra of Reid taking responsibility for everything continues in its perpetual loop, all while he’s never actually held accountable.

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Thread: DeSean Jackson

Has run his course. Don’t care how “explosive” he can be. Get the **** out.

Thread: Washburn and MM

Apparently got into it on the sideline during the 1st QTR today. Wonder if it was Shady related.

Thread: Today’s loss won’t stop ESPN from asking-“Are the Eagles Done”

LOL, They ask that dumb mess after every loss and after every win they ask…Can the Eagles make the Playoffs.  Who is running that network in 2011? a crack addict?-lol

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