Oct 052011
Eagles CB Nnamdi Asomugha

Is Nnamdi overrated?

Here’s a rundown of some recent/active PSC Eagles message board threads, including the first post of each.  The anger over the Dream Team’s nightmare continues…

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Michael Vick comments today re: “Dream Team”

Eagles QB Michael Vick says “dream team” label for Eagles is “over with” due to the “pressure” it created. Lol.

Is there a more overrated player signed than namdi asomugha?

Don’t give me the fucking zone shit either.  He played for an Oakland team constantly overlooked by oppenents because they were looking toward the following week.   He came here with with balaclava on and robbed the shit out of the eagles. He’s been getting burnt left and right.  Fuck him.

The Eagles are a mortal lock to lose by 10 Sunday

Making them 1-4.  “black jesus” 2 picks. 1 fumble.  Namdi steelinmoneymuagh gets blown up for another 2 passing TDs.  What will the resident FO/Reid apologists say then? 1-4 season overd’d

Watkins to Start Sunday

Cue the season-ending injury to Vick in 3.2.1……

2011 Fantasy Football Thread

there you go, dmc. everyone can put all of their questions, quandries, successes and failures in here.

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